A Love Letter to Our Brides Affected By COVID-19

May 11, 2020

Dearest DG brides,

 This is truly a unique and unprecedented time in our world. We are all weathering the same storm together, in different boats and rafts, attempting the best we can to survive. We understand that for some brides, this virus merely inconveniences their plans or has mild setbacks before their planning even begins. For others, this has devastated their wedding plans. We see, feel, and understand both situations. All brides can and should grieve their changed plans, their altered timelines, and in some cases, their cancellations entirely.

Here at DG, we were so excited to celebrate with you on your ceremony day – our brides and their happiness are truly the lifeblood of our company. While we truly enjoy helping you find your perfect gown, nothing can compare to when we receive wedding photos of our smiling, married brides, looking gorgeous and confident. We understand that many brides feel this is unreachable now for a multitude of reasons. We are here to say: we promise to celebrate you, no matter what, however we can.

Upon re-opening, Dress Gallery is adhering to strict guidelines to decrease the spread of COVID-19 as much as a company as we possibly can. We have decided to not allow shopping appointments of any kind until we can safely resume the bridal experience we have perfected over the years. This breaks our hearts, as we truly want to get back to helping brides. But we know that we cannot provide the stellar customer service we are known for until we can safely be within close distance. This allows us to make sure you look your absolute best.

In the meantime, we want you to know we’re here for you. Our Pinterest board features a live inventory of all gowns, (including new arrivals we received during quarantine!), allowing you to browse digitally before coming to see us after June 1st. We encourage you to share and tag us in your wedding photos, if you have them – we’ll share them with the rest of the Dress Gallery family to celebrate. If you’re utilizing the off time to figure out new logistics for your wedding, give us a call/shoot us a text. We’re happy to point you in any direction we possibly can. Our extensive list of vendor friends is at your disposal.

To every bride who chose DG as their bridal salon – thank you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To be honest, we didn’t realize how good we had it until you beauties were gone. We have missed the happy, excited hum throughout the store when brides and their entourage enter the store. We have desperately missed the cheers and yelps as brides find gowns that make them feel confident. We have missed the tears of joy between loved ones as brides say “yes.” We miss styling your ‘maids and men, perfectly complimenting you, making sure your wedding feels authentic and genuine.

Every bride we’ve served is a member of our Dress Gallery family and family helps each other through hard times. We’re here to support you and, most importantly, connect you to support each other. You are not alone during this wild and crazy time. Other brides feel your anguish, grief, and uncertainty; we promise to help you all navigate these stormy waters the best we can.

In the meantime, we’re going to utilize this time to try and implement some cool ideas & changes we’ve been talking about for a long time. As much as we will miss having bridal appointments, our To-Do lists are still just as long, allowing us to focus on the new and innovative ideas we want to bring to you all. We’re spending this time dedicating ourselves to growing so that when we return, Dress Gallery is better than ever before. We appreciate your patience, understanding, and encouragement. Our brides are the most supportive people and we are so grateful.

We’re so sorry for any losses you’ve suffered regarding COVID-19. We cannot imagine the disappointment, frustration, and sadness some of our brides must feel. Our thoughts & prayers are with you, but so are our skills and assets. We promise to mourn with you, but then help problem solve. We love love and, as the wedding industry has proudly proclaimed, love is never cancelled. Celebrations of love may look a little different for a while, but our brides can overcome any obstacles. They are the strongest women we know. Thank you for being a member of our family and we can’t wait to see you again.



The Dress Gallery Squad