The 5 Biggest Trends / Concepts for 2021 Weddings

February 28, 2021

Our 2021 brides are a resilient bunch. We are so thankful for all of our couples who are focused on celebrating their love in a healthy, safe way for everyone involved. Because of COVID-19, weddings have certainly evolved from what we’re used to seeing and in 2021, that evolution is going to be front-and-center. If there’s any one thing that wedding planners for 2021 are seeing, it’s their couples being thorough & intentional with all of their choices. Setting your intentions for your wedding and then hiring venues to follow through is the #1 trend for 2021, according to wedding planners nationwide. Trying to decide what’s important to you & your values for your wedding day? Read on for some suggestions from planners!

#1: Sustainability

Brides are becoming much more conscious of the sustainability of their weddings. Changes from foam-free florals, recycled decorations, biodegradable confetti, and more are all small changes brides are making in order to make minimize their wedding footprint. Rental bridesmaids dresses & suits help minimize production of new items and donating leftover food to homeless shelters or local food banks is a great way to be charitable with their extra resources!

One of the biggest ways our brides are making their weddings sustainable is by choosing pre-made wedding dresses instead of having something made specially for them. Whether that’s buying sample dresses off-the-rack, buying pre-owned online, or simply finding a sustainable manufacturering process, brides are becoming very conscious of where their dresses come from, who is making them, and what consequences those decisions have.

If you’re interested in a great way to get a sustainable gown, check out our Etsy page for great sample gowns at a rocking price!

#2: Weekday Weddings

With big, large parties taking a backseat to elopements and mini-monies, the traditional Saturday night party is also falling to the wayside. When you have minimal guests and smaller limitations, weekday weddings make much more sense for many couples wanting to limit their big day.

Not only are many vendors cheaper for weekday weddings, but there’s often less competition for availability on those dates, as well. Here at Dress Gallery, we’re seeing a rise in Thursday & Monday weddings, preferring instead to have a quick, simple ceremony with a lavish dinner instead of a big reception complete with DJ and catering.

If you’re looking for a way to save a few dollars, while also having the opportunity to book the vendors you really want, consider a weekday wedding!

#3: Buying Local

If there’s any one specific way that your wedding can make a positive impact on the community around you, choosing to spend your money locally is the best way to do so. Your local catering company can source local ingredients; your local photographers know the best places to shoot; and your local independent bridal store (ahem ahem!) truly appreciates your patronage when you purchase your dress with them!

Supporting small business is a way to give back to the community around you, while also guaranteeing you have a great vendor team behind you on your wedding day. If you’re getting married in the Wichita area, we have a huge list of local vendors that can make your dream day come true.

Stopping in and shopping with Dress Gallery for your wedding gown is a great way to support a local, woman-owned business. We’re an independent bridal store featuring seven designers that’s been in business in Delano for over 10 years; there’s some reputation behind us! Even outside of Dress Gallery, there are many independent bridal stores in the area that would appreciate your support!

#4: Humor

Bringing in some good humor into your wedding is a great way to ease into the atmosphere for the guests. With “Unsave the Dates” and “Keep Your Distance” signs making appearances everywhere, humor is a great way to shake off the craziness of 2020/2021.

Those small, subtle ways to include humor are a great way to encourage your guests to have a great time, even if the wedding looks and feels a little different than tradition. Bring in fun guest experiences by booking magicians or stand-up comedians to mingle with your guests. These small groups are a great way to break the ice between guests, while also allowing everyone to interact in a laid-back, super fun way!

#5: Spontaneity

There are a lot of brides & grooms who are throwing planning to the wayside and instead are focusing on the spontaneous whirlwind type of ceremony. Instead of focusing on specific details like colors, place settings, or invitations, the couples are picking out their ready-to-wear outfits and having them ready to go should they decide to hop a plane or take a drive!

Many of our brides are coming to shop for their dresses don’t have specific wedding dates, but instead seasons they intend to get married in. With travel limitations and restrictions abound, they’re having everything they need ready-to-go so they can take off at a moment’s notice. Having a photographer down for this type of impromptu ceremony is key, as you’ll definitely want pictures regardless of your plans.

What are your intentions for your 2021 wedding? Let us know on Facebook and what you think of these trends!