DG Spotlight: Courtney

May 18, 2020

Alright, fam – the time has come. My name is Courtney and I run the blog here at Dress Gallery. I’ve given a little blurb about all of my coworkers and now it’s time to introduce myself! Also, this is an excuse to post my wedding photos; I recently got married this past October, so sorry for shameless promotion of my fabulous photographer, Bele Benard. Literally all of these photos are her gorgeousness, give her a shout!

So where to begin? I’m Courtney, obviously. I am a Wichita native, having been born and raised here in the Sunflower State. I graduated from Wichita State University with a degree in creative writing in 2014. (Cue why I wanted to take over the blog!) I was very lucky to attend National Student Exchange and go to school at the University of Northern Colorado for a year. I absolutely loved my time in Greeley. Go Bears!

I started working at Dress Gallery in July of 2018 but I’ve been styling for years. Before I worked in dresses, I sold high-end eyewear. If you needed Fendi, Chanel, Gucci glasses….I was your girl. I spent seven years (seven!!) being an optician, which was kind of unheard of for a 20-something girl. After a while, I got a little burnt out of the eyewear game, so I took some time off and slung some lattes. If you know me at all, I’m a coffee girl. I am the girl Most Likely To Be Late Because Of A Latte. I’m just a sucker for it. So after I spent some time behind the bar, I was excited to get back into what I knew I loved. I saw the opening at Dress Gallery and voila! Two years later and they haven’t gotten rid of me yet….

I’m a little ridiculous. I like to think I’m the consultant most likely to start a dance party during your appointment. I am very distinctly a “Woo!” girl – which is what we call people who cheer when they’re excited. That’s me. I “Woo!” I wanna “Woo!” for you. I am super blessed to have the worlds’ best hype women around me – both at Dress Gallery and beyond – and that’s what I wanna do for all my brides. I joke, but am totally serious, when I say “For the next 90 minutes, girl, we’re gonna be best friends.” Because that’s how I want my brides to view me – as a friend, someone who’s in their corner, no matter what.

Outside of Dress Gallery, I love reading. I took some time off reading and writing after college but, thanks to Dress Gallery, have the time and mental capacity to start again. I started a book club recently that I’m excited to facilitate. I love secondhand designer shopping; Jillian, our sales manager, totally got me hooked on Poshmark. I love spending time with my nieces and nephews. I am blessed to call 4 kiddos “mine” in some capacity – whether they’re related by blood or not, it doesn’t matter. Spending time with Leah, Owen, Raiden, and Aurora is my favorite way to spend a weekend. I love being on Aunt duty!

Like I mentioned earlier, I am recently married. My husband, Tyson, and I got married at The Barn at Grace Hill in October 2019.  (Speaking of, if you need a venue – MAN do you need to go talk to Amanda at The Barn. She’s phenomenal.) Our story is a little unique – we actually met on Tinder. It could have been a disaster, we know, but instead, four years later, we’re still happy and healthy, living with our two cats, Eazy-E and Lilly. We spend a lot of time watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, hanging out with friends, and recently, redecorating our house!

We love to travel and take weekend trips to nearby cities. (We’re a little biased, but we love Denver!) We also are big brunch people – it’s our favorite meal! Because I work on Saturdays, Sunday morning brunch is our specified time together each week. When we were planning our wedding, it only made sense to have a Sunday brunch ceremony, complete with mimosas and coffee bar – it was quintessential us. If there’s a place that will give me mimosas or mojitos, count me in!

My favorite movie of all time is Jurassic Park. I’m obsessed with terrible baby names and true crime podcasts. I’m ALWAYS listening to a murder podcast while steaming in the back of Dress Gallery. The Moffitt family Netflix account is primarily reality competition shows and true crime documentaries aka my two favorite genres. I’m a goofy, loud, outgoing consultant who absolutely LOVES when brides want to do something unique, different, or off-the-wall for their wedding. Even if you’re a little more traditional, I love being able to help add a little bit of spice to your big day.

Thanks so much for reading a little bit about me – but let’s get back to our gorgeous brides, ya know?

A Love Letter to Our Brides Affected By COVID-19

May 11, 2020

Dearest DG brides,

 This is truly a unique and unprecedented time in our world. We are all weathering the same storm together, in different boats and rafts, attempting the best we can to survive. We understand that for some brides, this virus merely inconveniences their plans or has mild setbacks before their planning even begins. For others, this has devastated their wedding plans. We see, feel, and understand both situations. All brides can and should grieve their changed plans, their altered timelines, and in some cases, their cancellations entirely.

Here at DG, we were so excited to celebrate with you on your ceremony day – our brides and their happiness are truly the lifeblood of our company. While we truly enjoy helping you find your perfect gown, nothing can compare to when we receive wedding photos of our smiling, married brides, looking gorgeous and confident. We understand that many brides feel this is unreachable now for a multitude of reasons. We are here to say: we promise to celebrate you, no matter what, however we can.

Upon re-opening, Dress Gallery is adhering to strict guidelines to decrease the spread of COVID-19 as much as a company as we possibly can. We have decided to not allow shopping appointments of any kind until we can safely resume the bridal experience we have perfected over the years. This breaks our hearts, as we truly want to get back to helping brides. But we know that we cannot provide the stellar customer service we are known for until we can safely be within close distance. This allows us to make sure you look your absolute best.

In the meantime, we want you to know we’re here for you. Our Pinterest board features a live inventory of all gowns, (including new arrivals we received during quarantine!), allowing you to browse digitally before coming to see us after June 1st. We encourage you to share and tag us in your wedding photos, if you have them – we’ll share them with the rest of the Dress Gallery family to celebrate. If you’re utilizing the off time to figure out new logistics for your wedding, give us a call/shoot us a text. We’re happy to point you in any direction we possibly can. Our extensive list of vendor friends is at your disposal.

To every bride who chose DG as their bridal salon – thank you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To be honest, we didn’t realize how good we had it until you beauties were gone. We have missed the happy, excited hum throughout the store when brides and their entourage enter the store. We have desperately missed the cheers and yelps as brides find gowns that make them feel confident. We have missed the tears of joy between loved ones as brides say “yes.” We miss styling your ‘maids and men, perfectly complimenting you, making sure your wedding feels authentic and genuine.

Every bride we’ve served is a member of our Dress Gallery family and family helps each other through hard times. We’re here to support you and, most importantly, connect you to support each other. You are not alone during this wild and crazy time. Other brides feel your anguish, grief, and uncertainty; we promise to help you all navigate these stormy waters the best we can.

In the meantime, we’re going to utilize this time to try and implement some cool ideas & changes we’ve been talking about for a long time. As much as we will miss having bridal appointments, our To-Do lists are still just as long, allowing us to focus on the new and innovative ideas we want to bring to you all. We’re spending this time dedicating ourselves to growing so that when we return, Dress Gallery is better than ever before. We appreciate your patience, understanding, and encouragement. Our brides are the most supportive people and we are so grateful.

We’re so sorry for any losses you’ve suffered regarding COVID-19. We cannot imagine the disappointment, frustration, and sadness some of our brides must feel. Our thoughts & prayers are with you, but so are our skills and assets. We promise to mourn with you, but then help problem solve. We love love and, as the wedding industry has proudly proclaimed, love is never cancelled. Celebrations of love may look a little different for a while, but our brides can overcome any obstacles. They are the strongest women we know. Thank you for being a member of our family and we can’t wait to see you again.



The Dress Gallery Squad

#dgbride: Blair

February 27, 2020

So we try not to play favorites here at Dress Gallery but man, did our entire staff fall in love with Blair and Easton. They are a couple that you can tell just sincerely loves each other. They’re always playful, giggly, and exuberant when they’re around each other, which made every interaction with them an enjoyable one. They got married on August 31st, 2019 at Noah’s Event Venue in Wichita, KS!

Blair is truly the ultimate fairytale bride; her dream was the type of whimsical, airy romance that love stories are based off of. We were so happy to help her vision come to life with the perfect Morilee gown and complimenting bridesmaids dresses!

Blair planned almost her entire wedding herself, specifically avoiding websites like Pinterest to make sure that her vision stayed authentic and true to what SHE wanted. (What great advice, Blair!) Instead of feeling like her wedding was constantly comparing to others, she felt like she could plan the wedding she wanted without any pressure. A good wedding planning book kept her on schedule, but otherwise let her imagination run wild when it came to the details of her big day. She knew she wanted a light color palette (featuring lilac, silver, and ivory), which fit perfectly with the gorgeous, sunny summer weather!

Can we talk about Blair’s GORGEOUS Morilee bridal gown?! Blair popped in shortly after we got this beauty and she absolutely turned heads in this stunning high neck, fit-and-flare gown. The sexy yet supportive back cut outs keep the look modern and trendy, while also complimenting the silhouette with romantic and timeless lace appliques. Combined with crystal & white beading (to shimmer, not bedazzle!), this dress is perfect for any bride who wants to have a sophisticated yet sexy look on their wedding day.

NO WONDER Easton had tears in his eyes seeing her for the first time! See below for proof:

Blair said the above moment, their first look, was her favorite of the day. “The first moment when we saw each other was breathtaking,” she said. “I replay it in my head over and over. Just being able to kiss and hold each other for a few minutes before the big moment really helped ease my nerves and was so comforting.”

HOW CUTE ARE THEY?! Ahem, moving on…

We were so lucky that Blair trusted us with her bridesmaids dresses as well. We knew she wanted a light, airy color of purple, so choosing the correct shade was imperative for the big day. The girls ended up choosing between two designers – Morilee, like her wedding gown, or Bill Levkoff – and allowed the multiple hues of purple to compliment but not clash with each other. We were so excited she had such an open wedding vision and let us play with different designers & colors to complete her look!

Her mix-and-match bridesmaids dresses were absolutely perfect; their chic, simplistic chiffon dresses were the perfect compliment to Blair’s romantic and lacy gown. Blair and her girls did a great job of picking complimenting styles, while also allowing the focus to be on Blair!

When it came to picking her gown, Blair had a totally different vision in her head when she walked into Dress Gallery.

“My dress wasn’t like anything I pictured in my head, but it’s honestly because I didn’t believe such a beautiful dress could exist. With the beading and the stretchy liner, it was literally the perfect dress,” she said.

Uh, we second that! Even though you can’t see it, Blair’s dress features a stretchy, charmeuse liner, which is the perfect added feature for a long, whirlwind day in it.

“Dress Gallery was the only place I went to and my dress was the second dress I tried on. I tried on one more just to make sure, but I was already sold,” Blair said. Her consultant, Katie, just knew this brand new Morilee gown would be a great contender for her – and we’d only had it a short while before Blair was the first girl to say “Yes!” to this dress.

“The consultants did the best job of finding dresses not only for my bridesmaids, but for me, too!” Blair said. “I just showed her a couple of inspiration photos and she nailed it!” It’s so easy for us to style groups like Blair’s – bring in some inspiration, have an open mind, and we’ll be able to create your wedding vision no problem!

First and foremost, THANK YOU to Chris Cerna Photography for these gorgeous photos – we are STILL swooning over these! Secondly, thank you to the Fry’s for being such a bright and happy couple – we are honored to have been a part of your wedding day.

In love with Blair’s bridal look? Tell us on Facebook!

Our Top 7 Looks for Prom 2020!

February 4, 2020

Dress Gallery absolutely loves our brides and while we adore bridal world, for a few months out of the year, we get bitten with prom fever! Our main lobby turns into a prom dress extravaganza, with over 1000 prom dresses rolling in each year. We take great care at curating a cool, interesting selection of prom dresses you won’t see anywhere else. Also, your gown gets registered to you & your school, so there’s NO chance of repeated outfit. Our yearly prom photoshoot with Shelby Laine Photography features some of our absolute favorite looks for this prom season. Find a fav? Show us when you come in and if those dresses are available, we’ll pull it!

Red sequins, corset back, fitted gown….sign us up!

This snake skin beauty is one of our personal favorites! This cool & trendy pattern is perfect for the effortlessly cool girl.

Cheetah print is FOREVER in style, no matter what – we are firm believers. When you add in a gorgeous double slit and a fierce pop of red and this dress is asking for a red carpet runway!

Not a dress girl? That’s okay, boo, we got you, too. We totally understand that not every person is comfortable in a gown, but we want you to feel your absolute best for prom. This traditional yet modern & feminine suit is great for someone wanting to make a splash at prom!

Can we talk about this gorgeous pink ballgown?! This is the dress Disney dreams were made of and we can’t wait to help the perfect girl feel like a million dollars in this gown. Complete with corset back, sequined lace appliques, and an entire layer of glitter tulle, this dress is truly a stunner!

Ethereal, chic, timeless…all adjectives that describe this gorgeous rose gold fit and flare gown. Combined with an airy braid accented with pearls and this dress is asking for romance!

Fall in love with some of our prom styles yet? New pieces arrive EVERY DAY, so stop in ASAP to find your perfect fit!

Romantic & Vintage Shoot ft. Endless Treasures!

January 28, 2020

Here at Dress Gallery, we love the ladies at Endless Treasures. They are absolutely the best at being able to make a bride’s wedding vision come to life. We hear their superlatives from past brides all the time (including Courtney, one of our own consultants!) Their truly unique and expansive collection of items is perfect for any bride with any style. While they have a true focus on romantic, vintage touches, that doesn’t mean they’re limited to create your perfect look. Whether you’re a modern bride wanting edgy, a true traditionalist wanting dreamy romance, or whimsical bohemian complete with macrame, they can turn any space into the reception of your dreams.

That’s why, when they asked us if we’d like the opportunity to come shoot in their warehouse, we jumped at the chance. Not only did it give us a great indoor location for a photoshoot (it’s cold now, folks!), but it also allowed us to really see how large their collections are and how versatile they can be. Plus, it was the first time our sales manager, Jillian, got to step in front of the camera for one of our own creations. Below are some of our favorite looks from classic to trendy!

We love this crepe Morilee gown on Jillian; accented with gorgeous hem lace and a sheer bodice, this dress is the perfect combination of timeless and sexy. The stretch crepe material is comfortable, yet accents the best parts of a woman’s curves, making it a great choice for brides who want to dance on their wedding day! Jillian is framed by two fabulous altar pieces from Endless Treasures – their iron circle or hexagonal wood, complete with LOVE marquee backdrop.

This whimsical Chic Nostalgia gown is destined to make an appearance at an ethereal garden wedding. We love the fluttery attached sleeves and sexy/feminine neckline! Add the fact that this baby can come in a gorgeous silver color and you’re just asking to be a fairy princess in this babe. It’s truly the perfect fit for our mystical manager. This dress is such an effortlessly cool choice!

Harmony, the coolest hippie-chic gown to hit our doors recently, is truly for the wild at heart. This bohemian beauty is perfect for a Midwestern wedding, surrounded by pampas grass and wheat fields. We love that Jillian let out her creative side by playing with the guitar; not only do the aesthetics match, but it truly embodies the down-to-earth vibe that this dress has. Accented with beaded fringe, coiled lace, and a tasseled flutter strap, we are just waiting to see a bride complete this look with fringe and a circle hat!

As always, thanks to Shelby Laine Photography for the beautiful images – you’re our muse, sister friend.

Which of these looks were your favorite? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook!

5 Modern Twists on Bridal Traditions

January 17, 2020

When planning a wedding, the majority of advice given to newly engaged brides includes a lot of bridal traditions to decide whether you want to adhere to. Whether you’re a bride who revels in tradition or you decide to do something completely new, we think there’s a great middle ground for brides who want to honor the past but celebrate their own personality! Below are some of our favorite examples of different wedding traditions spun in a way to please modern brides.

Edible Wedding Favors Always Please a Crowd!

When deciding on wedding favors, many brides these days decide to focus on guest entertainment (with services such as a photobooth or live wedding painting), but there’s something to be said about items your guest can take home with them to remember your special day by. While there are tried-and-true favorites, like koozies or mint boxes, wedding favors are a great way to put a personalized spin on your wedding. Pick something that compliments your likes & interests or, perhaps most popularly, something your guests can eat! Edible wedding favors are a great option because they allow a late night snacking option while also taking something useful back home. Some ideas include personalized hot sauce bottles, popcorn takeaways, or even a bag of coffee beans!

Grandparents as Flower “Girls” are the CUTEST!

Family is often the most important part of any wedding ceremony; being surrounded by loved ones as you say “I Do” is a truly memorable event to cherish for a lifetime. The traditional bridal party roles, however, can be anything BUT traditional – especially if you have a fun family to help you do it! Pictured above are two examples of grandmother’s being utilized as flower girls and bridal party members. We’d think it’d be just as cute to include grandpa as a “ring bearer” as well! This gives the important people in your life a big role in your wedding, but in a way that will spread smile & joy to all of your guests!

Skip the Bouquet…Walk Your Dog Together!

There is nothing cuter than having your fur babies with you on your wedding day, but what’s the best way to include them? Having something active works best for pets; it allows them to be their true, energetic selves without feeling like you need to keep them quiet. We absolutely love the idea of bride & grooms walking down the aisle TOGETHER – they’re truly starting their life together. And what better way to show off your family than including your little ones? Allowing your dogs to walk down the aisle with you creates a beautiful moment for you & your spouse while also making some FABULOUS photos. Spice up your pup’s leashes with some fresh florals and a bowtie for the occasion & you’re ready to go!

Something Old, Something New….Something Soft, Too??

Adding texture to your wedding day is a great way to add visual interest to your photos and also keep your guests entertained. Velvet has been having a moment right now and we hope that it lasts forever. We want to put velvet everywhere – on your groomsmen, on your bridesmaids, on the tables, on the chairs….you get the picture. Small accents like bouquet ribbons or cute bows in your hair allow for romantic, whimsical touches while also keeping the details in mind!

Funky, Cool Bouquets (That Can Take or Leave the Florals!)

Bouquets don’t have to be full of florals to make an impact and we love the idea of making cool, quirky collections based off your favorite things! Mixing multiple mediums along with flowers gives your bouquet an edgy yet feminine vibe which also allowing you to customize your bouquet to your wedding dream. We love the lemon & lavender version based above, along with the skull & cacti bouquet that truly captured the brides spirit. The silk butterfly bouquet is the perfect whimsical piece to add to any ethereal dress!

Top 8 Most Romantic Ballgowns You’ll Love

January 7, 2020

If you’re a traditional bride who wants to feel like a princess on your wedding day, one of the best silhouettes to choose is a ballgown. With a fitted bodice but a voluminous skirts, a-line ballgowns allow for you to move comfortably during your wedding day while also still feeling like the center of attention. Here at DG, we have so many gorgeous princess gowns for you to choose from, so narrowing down this list was hard! Here are 8 of our favorite ball gowns we have in store for you. Fall in love with one? Screenshot the photo and show your consultant at your appointment!

Taylor by Maggie Sottero

We fell absolutely in love when we first saw Taylor – we are already dreaming of her being worn during a gorgeous winter wedding! Her unique Ice Quartz color truly makes her stand out, along with the glitter tulle skirt and beaded top. Her open v back is sexy yet sophisticated and we love how princess-y the volume of her skirt is. This is truly a gown for someone ready to have the ultimate Disney wedding, complete with eye-catching color and extended train!

D6752 by Essense of Australia

This chic yet classic ballgown courtesy of Essense of Australia is sure to be a hit among ladies who want a more traditional feel with a modern twist! The trickling lace appliques flow through the skirt and are also on the back of the train; there is gorgeous white and crystal beading throughout the bodice; the v neckline is mirrored with v side-cut outs, adding extra sexiness while also giving support. This baby is gorgeous in ivory, but even more stunning in the champagne “Moscato” color!

Diamanda by Madeline Gardner New York

Diamanda is from Madeline Gardner’s couture collection, which explains why this dress is a stunner. It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but this baby SPARKLES. She is absolutely covered, head to town, in pearl and crystal detailing, making her the perfect option for someone wanting to make a big entrance. We love her illusion top and long sleeves, especially since the detailing trickles down the dress, letting your beautiful collar bones and shoulder blades shine! The romantic button detail on the back keeps this dress classy, yet sexy!

Sansa (2130) by Morilee

This beautiful a-line gown from Morilee redefines what it means to wear a ballgown. Instead of feeling poofy, Sansa feels flowy and airy – perfect for an outdoor wedding. The lace appliques trickle throughout the dress and the illusion sleeves make it look like the lace is painted on your skin. The plunge bodice allows for a hint of sexy, while the high neck illusion top keeps the girls supported the entire day. Sansa features an open, sheer lace back and beautiful secret sparkle throughout the skirt. This dress is sure to impress everyone in your entourage!

D2815 by Essense of Australia

This gorgeous off-the-shoulder ballgown from Essense of Australia is perfect for a bride wanting a regal, sophisticated look on her wedding day. The romantic, sweeping lace is throughout the gown and train, complimented by subtle sparkle and fabric buttons on the back of the bodice. The narrow, subtle plunge adds a hint of sexiness to this traditional yet feminine gown. This gown is so versatile, it would fit with a myriad of wedding vibes – whether you’re getting married somewhere rustic, upscale, or in between!

9667 by Allure Bridal

This beautiful tulle ballgown from Allure Bridals is perfect for the bride wanting to make an impact on her big day. Pictured in a cool ivory over platinum color, this is the ultimate Cool Girl gown. The heavily-beaded bodice features spaghetti straps, a soft v neck line, and a structured fit, making your waist the tiniest part of this gown. Crystal buttons adorn the back of the gown all the way through the skirt, a romantic detail that photographs gorgeously. You’ll fall in love with this Allure gown!

Harper (D8205) by Val Stefani

Harper is literally our most voluminous gown in the store – so if you’re looking for DRAMA in your skirt volume, this is your girl! She features multiple layers of lace, sequin detailing throughout the entire dress, and cute, off-the-shoulder sleeves for a touch of whimsy. While this dress comes in ivory, we’ve been diggin’ the “Cashmere” under color this dress comes in! The lace appliques feature bold floral accents, making this perfect for a bride who is planning on making a statement with her flowers as well. A delicate under layer of soft, chantilly lace creates visual dimension in the skirt while also keeping this dress timeless!

Fatima by Maggie Sottero

Want to feel like a princess, but not a big fan of lace and sparkle? For brides who like clean simplicity, Fatima is a perfect variation of modern and cool. The ruffle handkerchief skirt adds tons of volume and dimension in the skirt while also making it manageable for your after party/reception. The thick straps and plunging neckline look great on all body types and the ever-popular side cut outs allow for more breathability but also a spark of sexy. A subtle, white-beaded belt accents the waist and gives this dress just the touch of sparkle it needs to feel bridal.

Have you fallen in love yet?! We totally knew you would! Let us know your favorite ballgown in the comments and come in with your princess gown ideas! We’d love to style you in some of these amazing dresses.

Snowy Majestic Midwest Bohemian Buffalo Photoshoot

January 1, 2020

Have you ever been surrounded by creative people who, when all of their ideas come together, it makes something magical, but also difficult to describe? That’s how we feel about the December photoshoot we did with our resident photographer, Shelby Laine. We wanted something that would be true to our Midwestern roots and showcase some awesome new bohemian dresses we got in. We also had a local jeweler Bahia Jewelry in mind to help us with unique accessories, especially turquoise. Then Katie, DG’s very own atelier, hand-created a headpiece and fur wrap that just totally nailed the spirit of a wintery, rustic-chic vibe. Combined with the cutest buffalo courtesy of Shelby’s own uncle and we knew we had a truly unique, cool photoshoot on our hands. DG consultants Alex & Katie modeled for us, making this even more special to us as a staff. This has easily become the universal favorite shoot we’ve ever done! Catch some of our favorite images below.

Peek the custom headpiece and faux fur wrap that Katie made specifically for this styled shoot! It’s a perfect combination of bold, Midwestern style while also being a feminine, super-chic vibe. Also, aren’t the rings and bracelets by Bahia jewelry PERFECT? She didn’t even know we were going to have buffalo at our shoot and she gave us white buffalo turoquoise!

Can’t get enough of our monthly styled shoots with Shelby? Make sure you get notifications from our Facebook about new posts so you never miss the gorgeous-ness our creative team pumps out! Let us know in the comments what you thought of this unique shoot!


December 18, 2019

Buckle up, brides, because we are about to let you in on information regarding our newest bohemian bridal collection, All Who Wander! A part of the Essense of Australia house, this bridal collection is truly for the unique and free at heart. The bold lace, classic cuts, flattering necklines, and truly one-of-a-kind design features put this line a step above the rest. Here are some of our favorites we’ve received so far!



What’s not to instantly love about Reece, this a-line bohemian beauty? This dress was definitely designed with both style and comfort in mind. The flattering v neck line and spaghetti straps is great for showing off shoulders & collarbones while the a-line fit allows you to dance and move all night long. The unique lace patterning is traditional yet also trendy, utilizing old school patterns in a new and fresh way. Add in the fantastic, dramatic back detail and the detached fringe sleeves and you truly have a dress that will awe your guests. Whether you’re walking down a cathedral aisle or getting married in the mountains, Reece is truly the type of gown that fits in any setting!


Adley is the type of gown for a bride who’s ready to make a statement. With its laser cut-out lace patterning, this is truly a bold choice for a modern bride. The super trendy high neckline is accompanied by a plunging cut-out that’s both modest and sexy. It’s mirrored in the dramatic back with more vertical cut outs, truly elongating the torso and making brides feel taller and more confident. This dress doesn’t need beading or sparkle to make an impact – the angles and patterning is more than enough! We love the simplistic & chic pairing of celestial gold accents instead of a traditional veil, allowing Adley to truly be the star of the show.


Ziggy is truly a dress for the wild and free-spirited bride. This super cool gown takes a traditional a-line silhouette and adds depth and drama by having the lace in the underskirt, a flowy organza layer catching in the wind above it. Combined with its’ truly stunning 3D floral appliques and the modest yet flattering v neck line, this is a dress we can see looking perfect surrounded by greenery or floral. The racer back adds support and stability through the bodice while still keeping the design modern and sexy. Ziggy is the gown for any bride wanting to feel like a true fairy goddess on her wedding day!


Skye is the ultimate comfort gown while making every bride feel special. The flowy chiffon skirt is designed with lace applique panels, giving a unique illusion look on the skirt that’s unlike anything else we have in stock. We love the bold, floral lace types complimented with bold leaves and vines. The fabric gives a truly ethereal, goddess-like vibes, complete with gorgeous extended train. The thicker straps add both support and more places to showcase the beautiful lace pieces. We love Skye’s subtle plunge on the neckline and petite button detailing in the back. We’d love to see this gown styled with a fabulous floral crown, its’ skirt flowing in the Kansas prairie.

Which of these four beautiful All Who Wander gowns is your favorite? Leave us a comment here or on Facebook and let us know!

#dgbride: Jillian

November 30, 2019

#dgbride Jillian married her husband on October 12, 2019 at a gorgeously intimate ceremony at Wichita Exploration Place’s Waterwalk. We were absolutely floored seeing her gorgeously airy & romantic photos! They took shots near the Keeper of the Plains, a perfect backdrop for a cool, local couple. See more of their sneak peeks, shot by the truly remarkable Justin Casanova Photography.

Jillian chose a gorgeously fitted lace Morilee gown featuring a sheer bodice, open back, and fabulous train. Jillian was one of our lucky brides that could rock BOTH colors of the gown – her dress pictured is an ivory lace over ivory gown, but our store sample she fell in love with is ivory lace over a nude gown! Choosing between colors was difficult for Jillian because we wanted to make sure it was absolutely perfect for the color palette of her wedding. Because this dress features a slight nude tulle lining in the bodice, it allowed her to have a hint of nude coloring while keeping the ivory through the rest of the gown!

We were so thrilled when Jillian brought her mother, Francie, in to find her mother’s dress! We love when we get to style family members and when our brides trust us with their moms, ‘maids, and men. Her mom chose a fabulous navy gown that accented the natural ivory and greenery Jillian chose.

How cute is this photo of the newlyweds at their reception?! You can clearly see the love in their eyes. We can’t wait to see more of this romantic and elegant wedding!

Congratulations to the Ruffos! Love Jillian’s dress as much as we do?! Tell us in the comments or let us know on Facebook!