Upcoming Weddings Trends We Love

December 19, 2018

With 2018 engagement season ramping up and 2019 right around the corner, we are so ready to usher in the new and exciting trends our 2019 brides are showcasing. There are so many unique and interesting wedding ideas coming our way that we can hardly contain our excitement! Scroll through some of the projected trends we’re most excited to see during this new year!

Shades of Purple

Purple has officially replaced pink as the go-to accent color for weddings in 2019. Whether you want dramatic and deep violets or wistful wisteria, purple is a perfect way of adding a pop of color to your palette! We’re seeing it everywhere – from decor to bridesmaids dresses to florals and even the grooms!

Perfect Pampas Grass

While florals have no means taken a back seat in wedding world, they have finally allowed other types of natural elements the opportunity to pop up in weddings. The biggest trend we’re seeing is pampas grass, an airy and bohemian addition to any wedding. Pampas grass is a perfect way to make a statement while still staying true to a romantic, traditional vibe throughout the ceremony and reception. Check out all the amazing ways to incorporate pampas into your wedding.

Velvet Over Everything

We are suckers for textures here at DG and we are loving that so many brides are considering texture as well as color when planning their weddings. Velvet has taken over tons of wedding details; whether bridesmaids dresses or linens, we are so excited every time we see a touch of velvet. It’s a perfect way to cozy up fall and winter weddings while also staying regal & posh!

(This photo even features ANOTHER hot trend – keep reading!)
Rusty Hues

Let’s say you’re not a fan of purples – what other hot wedding colors can bring warmth to your wedding, but feel a little more down to earth? We are seeing lots of rust and metallic copper/bronze hues. What initially started as an accent color has now taken over color palettes everywhere. Our above photo shows a fabulous bridesmaid attire in rusty velvet and we LOVE how warm and comfortable the vibe is. Here are some other ways to bring rust into your big day.

Here’s Your Sign

Signage is so important at weddings; whether printed programs or large signs visible to everyone, this allows your guests to flow through your event without hiccup. However, the type of signage is changing dramatically. Say goodbye to the cutesy chalkboards everywhere and make way for interesting, modern signage that keeps guests surprised! Some examples include clear and painted acrylic, mirrors, and lightboxes – just to name a few.

Here’s Your NEON Sign

There’s one particular sign trend we’re seeing and loving recently – neon. While pricey, this accent makes a HUGE impact visually and also adds a touch of “cool” to any wedding ceremony. Many couples are using neon as part of their arbors, signs behind their head table, or simply as accent pieces throughout their space. You can customize with the married name or keep it simple with small picture pieces. Here are some of our favorite examples of neon.

Groovin’ Up Your Groom

So many grooms are jumping into the trends – no longer are ceremonies only for the bride! There is a huge surge in men exercising autonomy in regards to their favorite wedding pieces, including their attire. Fashionable guys are making statements with patterned suits, metallic accents, and fun substitutions like bolo or velvet bow ties. Check out some of these extra savvy guys!

Add A Slice of Fun

Natural elements besides florals are having a moment right now and our absolute favorite is adding fruits to decor. We love the pop of color that fresh or fake fruits can add. For a light, airy feel, a perfect blend of citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, and limes make a great statement while also can be considered edible decor! If you’re wanting a darker, more moody feel, dark fruits like pomegranates and plums are perfect accents. Here are some ways to include fruit in your decor.

Trying With Triangles

Geometric accents are huge this season but the biggest and most visible is probably the love of triangle arbors. While their cousins the circle and hexagon arbors have been having their time in the limelight for a while, we love the powerful and bold statement that triangle arbors give. They’re a great way to draw visual attention to the bride and groom, as they serve as almost a literal arrow, but also a fun installation piece that could serve as a photo backdrop later!

Are you a 2019 bride inspired by these great trends? Send us your ideas and have a chance for your wedding to be featured!

Our Top 10 Favorite New Gowns by Chic Nostalgia

December 10, 2018

GUYS – IT’S HAPPENING. Here at #dgWichita, we have officially begun to receive our 2019 collections. Slowly, designers are shipping their beautiful new gowns out to retailers for the newest season of brides. We recently received our newest pieces from the Chic Nostalgia collection and to say we’re obsessed is an understatement. Chic Nostalgia is known for their whimsical and bohemian looks, but these styles are perfect for ANY bride looking to impress on her big day. Check out our favorites below (in no particular order, we love them all equally).

Number 10: Kady

We are totally in love with Kady, a beautifully beaded a-line dress with chiffon skirt. The feminine sleeves combined with a v back is the perfect compliment for any down-to-earth bride who wants a little something extra to her comfortable gown.

Number 9: Ember

This perfect dress is straight out of a magical world; we love the clean, simple lines accented with purposely placed beading made to accentuate any woman’s body. The silk chiffon material lays beautifully, but is also lightweight, making this a great option for an outdoor ceremony. Combined with a deep v neck and a unique tie back, this dress was made for the bride who wants to truly stand out!

Number 8: Raven

Chic, sexy, and stunning, Raven is one of the ultimate dresses for a bride who wants to make a statement in an understated way. The unique scroll lace is unlike any other designer AND this dress comes with a built in costume change – a detachable skirt for fullness and extra sparkle! The subtle yet sexy unlined bodice, the slim beaded waist, and delicate straps makes this a truly one of a kind gown!

Number 7: Sable

There’s not enough time or words to discuss the truly unique features of Sable. This gown kicks tradition to the curb and instead replaces it with modern romance, a hint of whimsy, and more than a handful of fierceness. Featuring peacock lace, a detachable peacock train, and a halter neckline, Sable makes no apologies for being a truly different type of wedding gown. Combined with a criss cross back and you have a dress unlike anything else!

Number 6: Daphne

Daphne is the lovechild between a fierce warrior and a tender maiden; we are loving the delicate frills on the lace combined with the bold silhouette. The flowy train and a-line fit makes this a perfect gown for any body. There’s embroidered mesh and an Aztec-inspired lace, a perfect combo for strong and sweet. Add a beautiful v back and this gown is just waiting for its’ boho garden bride!

Number 5: Poe

We love that Poe is a perfect combination of traditional beauty meets new world charm. A detailed deep v flatters any neckline and shoulders while the geometric lace is stretched over a comfortable jersey liner. This is the essential “cool girl” dress; low-key enough to look effortless, but so much specialty details that the dress is clearly a labor of love.

Number 4: Starling

Starling’s halter neckline might be the most distinct feature of her dress, but the charming rose point lace and v criss-crossed back are additional features made to create this gown unlike anything else. A beautiful illusion sweetheart neckline topped with the beautiful halter accentuates back and shoulder features of any woman. Add a fitted silhouette with a comfortable liner and Starling is sure to fly above the rest.

Number 3: Cybel

Cybel is the perfect gown for the wild at heart; a sleek and sexy silhouette compliments the elevated minimalism of this dress. Featuring a beautiful French lace and a stunningly low v back, this gown is perfect is a chic bride looking for high end details without feeling “extra.” A beaded petite belt keeps the silhouette feminine and the side cut outs are the perfect combination of sexy and modest.

Number 2: Bette

Bette is the type of dress made specifically to stun. Whether you’re wanting effortless bohemian chic or uncompromising luxury, Bette is the perfect gown. Adorned with white crystal and pearl beading, this delicate yet fierce gown is a perfect fit for almost any bride. The handcrafted woven straps add to the magic of this dress. We can’t begin to imagine the mystical wedding days in this dress!

Number 1: Zelia

Zelia is, well, perfect. We might be biased but this unique lace, the stunning details, the one-of-a-kind train – this dress screams “chic.” With sensual floral lace and abstract details, including beaded piece throughout the bodice and train, this dress is truly unique. It features an illusion sweetheart along with illusion back and sides; additionally, the hand-detailed opulence makes this gown the definition of luxury. We are so anxious for the first bride to choose this gorgeous dress!

#dgbride: Brooke

December 7, 2018

Our next #dgbride to be featured is Brooke Nulik, who married her soulmate Tyler on July 21, 2018 at Stone Hill Barn in Augusta, KS.

Stone Hill Barn is one of our most favorite venues in the Wichita area; with it’s simplistic elegance and neutral decor, it’s easy to turn this venue into any wedding. This is what Brooke loved about Stone Hill.

“I wanted a venue that was very natural and I could decorate with lots of greenery,” Brooke said. “I didn’t want a rustic theme and I knew that would be hard because our venue was a barn, so I added candelabras and greenery for a more romantic garden vibe.”

Brooke is probably one of the most down-to-earth brides we’ve worked with, so when we asked her details about her wedding, she got real.

“I quickly learned how expensive everything is when planning a wedding,” she said. “I had saved so many pictures from Pinterest but didn’t realize how much money it costs to make those visions come to life, especially with fresh flowers. I ended up using artificial flowers for decor and deciding not to focus so much on centerpieces and signs, as that wasn’t what the whole day was about.”

Can we say PREACH, sister?

For her favorite memory of the day, Brooke chose a simple and sweet moment between her husband and her. At the end of the night, the DJ kicked everyone out early to anticipation for their exit and let Tyler and Brooke dance alone without the watchful eyes of their audience. Their tender moment to “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton turned into a forever memory as they shared a song alone together.

Choosing a wedding dress for Brooke was easy in the beginning, but got a little harder as she visited more bridal boutiques.

“When I first walked into Dress Gallery, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted – I liked a-line silhouettes, fitted gowns, or even an empire waist. When my consultant came out with this Essense of Australia, I LOVED it. However, I was torn between that and another fitted gown I tried earlier, so I decided I should keep looking,” Brooke said.

“I tried on 3 dresses before I found the one, but then I made the mistake of going to 2 other boutiques in Kansas City. I tried on over 25 dresses and felt overwhelmed. When I went back to Dress Gallery and tried the Essense of Australia on, I knew it was The One. I should have never left that first day. It was everything I wanted!”

Brooke was so kind in her recommendation of Dress Gallery. She loved the one-on-one attention given in the private bridal suites and the pointed, direct questions asked after every dress really helped her narrow down what features she loved and wanted to showcase.

“That really helped me narrow down what I was looking for,” Brooke said. “I thought I needed to go to KC to get a good assessment of what was out there, but I was so wrong! Dress Gallery had WAY more options in my budget. I would and already do recommend Dress Gallery to all of my engaged friends!”

Guys, Brooke was spitting straight realness when it comes to advice for current brides. We loved how true to herself she was with her wedding vision and just being transparent about what mattered and what doesn’t. She gave a few key nuggets of wisdom that we can’t help but share.

“First, spend money and time on the things YOU think are important, not what you think your guests want. Second, hire a videographer because the next day, you will wake up and have a hard time remembering everything from the adrenaline rush. Lastly, relax and soak it up! Your wedding week is one of the best weeks of your life; you’ll be surrounded by so many people who love you, there’s no reason to be nervous or stressed!”

What better way to wrap up a bridal on such a cool bride than with the ultimate girl gang photo? Congratulations to Brooke & Tyler! We are so thankful you chose Dress Gallery to be a part of your special day.

All images courtesy of Be Images Photography.

A Quick Guide to Our Fav Local Florists

December 3, 2018

We get asked by brides all the time to refer vendors. In the wedding industry, trust is key and the best referral is by word of mouth. When we have brides ask us who they should use for any of their vendors, we’re often flattered and just as overwhelmed as they are. There are so many fabulous people in the Wichita & surrounding areas to help make your event a total dream. To make a comprehensive list of all our favorites would be nearly impossible, but we wanted to shine a light on a few of our favorite florists. These vendors are sure to knock your flower arrangements out of the park!

Free State Flora

We might be biased on how much we love Emily, as she’s related to our sales manager, Jillian, but no one can deny her talent when it comes to flowers. She’s created so many beautiful displays for DG and we love seeing her bouquet creations, especially for our brides. With an eye for the timeless, Emily creates breathtaking arrangements that will stand the stylish test of time, no matter your vibe or aesthetic. Take a peek at some of Emily’s work below!

Dean’s Designs

Dean’s Designs is a Wichita-owned business located in the College Hill area known for their eccentric and unique arrangements. They create anything from timeless and classic pieces to the wild and cascading. Dean’s prides themselves on creating looks that are specific to each bride and offer a multitude of services to help each bride make their vision truly come to life. Their high-end contemporary looks set them a part of your average florist. If you’re looking for arrangements that will truly stun, check out these examples of Dean’s Designs!

Moore Flowers

Moore Flowers is another Wichita-owned florists, located out west on Maize road. We have consistently seen beautiful work from Moore’s and our brides RAVE about their arrangements in their post-wedding vendor reviews. We’ve been so blessed to see Moore’s influence spread throughout Wichita and we are so excited for their growth! These photos from their styled photo shoot with Kay and Bee photography are only a small tidbit of the gorgeous designs they can create!

Beards Floral

Quite possibly the florist with the coolest name in town, Beards Floral has been a Wichita staple ever since its’ opening. With a taste for the whimsical, Beards Floral loves creating large arrangements, often with cascading flowers, looped stems and leaves, and truly one of a kind visions. They love creating new ways to make statements with florals and often use other nature elements. For a bride who wants a bouquet unlike anything she’s ever seen, or probably will see again, Beards would be a good place to start!


Stems is probably one of the most well-known floral shops in Wichita. They specialize in all types of unique designs, but have a distinct taste for the romantic. They do a great job of taking a brides vision and adding just a little extra to make it pop. While their color palettes are often more soft and neutral, that’s not to say that Stems’ arrangements are anything short of gorgeous every time. Wichita brides have been using Stems for all their wedding floral design for years and, with the new and fun arrangements we’ve seen from them, we can’t imagine them going anywhere! Check out some of their stunning pieces below.

There are so many more florists in the Wichita area; some are locally-owned while others are larger operations. We’ve seen beautiful bouquets from both types of shops! The biggest part of making sure your florals look how you’d like on your wedding day to have clear communication with your florist, but also finding a shop whose look and artistry you trust. Most florists are happy to create a specialized look for your wedding day, as long as you know what you’d like!

We Love Mandy Moore’s Whimsical and Feminine Wedding!

November 26, 2018

Mandy Moore, most recently known as Rebecca Pearson on the NBC tearjerker “This is Us,” got married on Nov 18, 2018 at a super intimate and private ceremony – and we are here for it. Maybe it’s because we’ve been Mandy fans since the “Candy” and “A Walk to Remember” days or maybe it’s because her wedding day was freaking stellar. We’re a little obsessed. She married Dawes’ frontman Taylor Goldsmith, who rocked a fabulous suit and matching pampas grass boutonniere.  From the beautiful aisle of colored pampas grass to the chic, blush gown she wore, everything was painstakingly curated to create the perfect bohemian look!

Look how happy the new couple is! Mandy wore a custom Rodarte gown of pink tulle with a mock neck and point d’espirit accents. We are loving how bohemian and feminine her wedding look is. Complete with a pink bouquet and pink pampas grass surrounding them, Mandy’s wedding look is the perfect combination of ethereal and modern.

Can we PLEASE talk about the fabulous detailing on this gown? Like, look at this beading!!!! The 3D floral appliques!! The soft, beautiful tulle!!

You can clearly see this couple is truly in love. While this may be Mandy’s second walk down the aisle, you can see by her demeanor and joy that this wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime moment for both her and her fabulous hubby.

So, what happens when two music superstars get married? Well, they sing at their own wedding, of course. Guests were surprised by Taylor and Mandy singing their own wedding song, a beautiful and tender moment between two people who so clearly love music. Even through photos, you can tell that this is a special bond that they share. Plus, how awesome is it that they have that memory together?!

To see more photos from Mandy’s wedding, check out her Instagram, along with the Instagram of Rodarte and wedding photographer Kelly Brown! We will most definitely be using all of her wedding photos on our inspiration boards for many seasons to come!

DG Spotlight: April

November 20, 2018

Our next spotlight member of #DGWichita is our fearless leader, the owner of Dress Gallery April! April opened DG in December of 2008 and is super excited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her business this year! April is in charge of, well, everything, but also a veteran member of the bridal industry, she’s one of the major reasons why Dress Gallery’s reputation and stellar customer service has been unstoppable for the last decade!

April is the owner of Dress Gallery, which means she does just about everything. From the day-to-day tasks, to training, to selling bridal gowns, to ordering prom/formalwear, and more, April does it all. She taught all of us everything we know and slowly, we’re trying to learn everything she knows, too. April has been in the bridal industry for over a decade, the majority of that as the head honcho here at #DGWichita. When in doubt, ask April!

When it comes to being a bridal consultant, April’s favorite thing is getting to know her brides and feeling like she’s connected with them. She likes having her brides enjoy their time! She’s much more focused on the interpersonal relationship than she is the sale; understanding a bride’s vision and being a part of the joyous moments with friends and family is the best part of April’s job! Brides have loved April’s open and communicative approach to selling; she’s honest, always, and loves helping everyone find their best outfit for their important day.

When April isn’t running the show at DG, she’s relaxing at home in her beautiful home with her husband, Jason. They love travelling and experiencing new cultures; April is a Taiwanese native, so they enjoy going back to visit her family each year! April is also an avid runner and fitness enthusiast. She loves getting the DG girls together to run races!

April also loves catching catfish in her pond! This is April and her prime catch this past Labor Day!

When giving advice to her new brides, April is a no-nonsense type of consultant. “Follow your own heart and stick to it, regardless of what people say,” April says. “Find a dress that makes you feel confident and beautiful!”

If April could recommend any restaurant in Wichita, her surefire answer: “Kimchi Korean Restaurant!”


For Brides With Boho Vibes

November 14, 2018

Bohemian wedding trends are everywhere – from decor to food to jewelry, but we love seeing the new boho styles that pop up in our designers’ collections every year. Certain design features have become staples in the boho trend, including unique lace, minimal beading, and beautiful flowy, sheath fits that accentuate curves. Whether you’re looking for a sexy, low backed number or a sweet illusion neckline, there are so many ways to infuse your laid back style with your wedding dress. Here are some of our favorites!

Maggie Sottero’s Bexley is the epitome is bohemian. We are absolutely in love with this delicate, unique lace laid out perfectly to compliment any body. The fabric buttons up the back, the mandala-like lace, the chevron laying pattern are all purposely thought out to accentuate a bride’s body. Combined with simple straps and a simple v neckline, this fitted dress is the epitome of effortless and chic. PS – this gown is currently on clearance!

Essense of Australia’s D2607 is perfect for the spring or fall bride who wants an airy, ethereal feel to her gown. Featuring both a supportive and gorgeously designed banded waist, a keyhole back, and trickling lace appliques down into through the skirt, this dress is begging to be played with in the wind. The front features a plunging v neck and the skirt also features linear lace patterns. Pearl buttons button the keyhole back for an extra detail of luxury!

Morilee by Madeline Garner’s Pia gown is a bohemian stunner just waiting for the right diva to come along. Featuring a high neckline that flows into a gorgeous open back. The detailed and unique lace patterning is throughout the bodice and train, ending with a wide scalloped hemline. This dress is meant to hug the hips, flaring out at the thigh to show off the perfect silhouette on your wedding day.

Chic Nostalgia’s Tempest is one of the ultimate bohemian gowns. This art deco inspired dress is definitely for the bride who wants something far away from the traditional lace of a wedding day. Sparkling sequins are throughout the dress while hand detailed beading is throughout the bodice and waist. An illusion neckline adds subtle strength to the dress’s integrity, especially as the dress opens into that dramatic, open v. Combined with a soft jersey underlay that’s begging you to dance all night, this dress is perfect for sparkling the night away.

Rebecca Ingram’s Cathy dress is perfect for the laid back bride. While this dress is perfect for any occasion or wedding type, we absolutely love seeing Cathy in more relaxed atmospheres, like backyard DIY weddings or rustic barns. The tulle skirt creates a lightweight and comfortable fit, making it perfect to dance the night away in. The illusion off the shoulder neckline and sweet three quarter sleeves are perfect for a sweet, romantic vibe!

Kenneth Winston’s 1804 is a simple, beautiful a-line silhouette that features a stretchy liner and cotton lace. Hand beading throughout the bodice and a sheer back create a sweet and whimsical look. The fabric buttons all the way up the bodice trickle down into the tulle skirt, giving a beautiful, long line of sight down the back of the dress. The pearl and crystal beading makes it perfect to match all jewelry. We love the combination of floral and geometric lace to make a truly unique dress.

These are only a few of the bohemian dresses we have to try on. If boho is your type of vibe, we’ve got you covered! Make an appointment today to find your perfect dress.

#dgbride: Miranda

November 12, 2018

Our next beautiful featured wedding is Miranda and Sean, married on March 24, 2018 at Stone Hill Barn in Augusta!

Miranda had a clear wedding vision in mind – simple and easy! Due to the beauty of the venue, she decided to keep her decor sweet and simple, letting the natural beauty around her be the highlight! Since they were married in the heart of spring, their dusty blue and peach accents were truly in season.

When it comes to her gown, Miranda chose a stunning Maggie Sottero two piece that few brides could pull off. Featuring soft, floral lace and delicate white crystal beading, this gown was truly the embodiment of Miranda’s simple and chic style. Choosing a dress was a difficult process for Miranda.

“I did not have any idea what kind of dress I wanted which is probably why I had such a hard time finding the right one. All I knew is that I did not want just a pretty white dress,”Miranda said. “I knew I wanted something that was unique and special! When I first saw the dress, I thought it could be a little out of my comfort zone, but when I tried it on, I fell in love and knew it was the one! It was like nothing I had seen before.”

Miranda went to seven bridal salons, locally and in Kansas City, before choosing her dress at DG. Especially when you’re unsure of what you want, the choices can be overwhelming! Despite that, Miranda stayed true to her vision.

“I tried on too many dresses to count,” Miranda said. “I wanted to make sure the dress I picked was perfect for me and that I didn’t settle. After all, you only get one wedding dress!”

Miranda planned her wedding herself, with help of family, friends, and Pinterest. While planning the wedding seemed smooth, she definitely recommends a day-off coordinator for your big day so you can relax, sit back, and enjoy the day. Also, as you can see from the pictures, Miranda and Sean are a laid back and playful couple – so her advice is to other couples is not to stress!

“Don’t stress about the little things,” Miranda said. “You’re getting MARRIED to the love of your life with friends and family surrounding you – nothing else matters. Enjoy every single moment!”

Congratulations to you, Miranda and Sean! You make an absolutely stunning couple. We wish you all the best in your marriage!

These beautiful images are courtesy of KyAnn Raye Photography.

Holiday Shopping for your Engaged/Newlywed Friends

November 10, 2018

So you’ve got a loved one that’s newly (or not so newly) engaged and you want to celebrate this momentous time in their lives…..but how? With holidays right around the corner, utilizing this gift-giving time to create special memory for your engaged loved ones is a perfect opportunity. From traditional gifts to outrageously unique, there are all sorts of ways to support your almost-married friends. We’ve scavenged Etsy’s most popular picks for holiday gifts and newlyweds to help make YOU the best gift-giver this season!

Customized Cutting Board

This personalized cutting board is the perfect way to help your friends introduce their newly married or engaged status as hosts. Practical and usable almost every day, this beautiful cutting board features ornate detail and customization. Your friends’ will thank you during their first housewarming party when their meat and cheese looks perfect next to their new last name.

Customized Honeymoon Keepsake Sand Jar

Whether you have friends who are newly engaged or newly married, this is a great gift that allows them to bring home their honeymoon with them! A small keepsake jar is a great way for your loved ones to bring home the beaches of paradise or, instead, maybe dirt from their favorite hike or melted snow water from a snowy excursion! Regardless of the couple’s honeymoon preferences, this small token of affection is guaranteed to fit in almost any carry-on and allow for years of memories afterward!

Leather Engraved Music Sheet

Calling all hopeless romantics! This fabulously personal gift is sure to make any bride (or groom!) tear up with appreciation. If your loved ones have “a song,” this Etsy shop will create beautiful, leather works of art from high resolution .PDF files of the sheet music. Instead of a basic print of music, the notes will soar off the leather page, complete with gorgeous frame. This is truly a thoughtful gift and a unique way to showcase your couples’ specific tastes!

Personalized Love Heart Print

Want a cute, simple way to spice up your loved ones’ home decor? This simplistic, modern print warms up any home with an ode to your friends’ great love! Their names are connected with a whimsical, swooping heart over their anniversary date. While this listing is for the print only, we love the clean look when inside a plain, white frame. This is a great affordable option for a quick holiday gift!

Feyonce & Bae-Z Wine Glasses

YASSSS, sister! We love Beyonce here at Dress Gallery and we also love Beyonce’s love life. We totally understand wanting to emulate the Carter’s and their intense love, so why not get drunk in love with your very own wine glasses?! We love gifts that combine pop culture, alcohol, and good puns and with this gift set, you get all three!

Gold Wedding Ring Dish

Okay, we’re suckers for simplistic design and gold details, so when we saw this adorable catch-all for your wedding rings, we HAD to include it. While ring dishes might have previously been solely for wives and their jewelry, we love that the customization of this dish makes it a storing place for BOTH rings. Your friends’ double vanity sinks will look extra cute with this in between them, holding their symbols of love and eternity.

Modern and Minimalist Wood Bookends

These cute bookends (or just wooden decor in general!) makes the perfect gift for your bibliophile friends. Whether holding up special volumes or laid out beautifully on a mantle, these wooden pieces are great for your neutral and laid back friends. The monograms can be customized and we love the tiny heart “hidden” in the ampersand!

I Bent The Knee Tumbler

We’re big Game of Thrones people here at Dress Gallery and love any opportunity to bring in epic fantasy into our daily lives. So while you and your friends might have intense conversations over who is The Prince That Was Promised, this cute and funny gift is a great option for the male (or female!) in your life who finally popped the big question!

Pizza My Heart Couples Shirt

Call us biased, but we love a good couples gift. And while couples t shirts can range from cheesy to classic, we are big believers that any couple that eats together, stays together – and this pizza pie shirt proves you’re the the perfect match! Cute for an easy Halloween costume or an easy way to spot your significant other in an amusement park, we love this shirt for any couple who loves each other – and pizza.

Scratchable World Map with Push Pins

This gift is perfect for your world class adventurers! Any globetrotting couple would love this scratchable world map; every time they cross a new location off their wish list, they can scratch off the country, lotto-ticket style, to uncover a vibrant and colorful globe beneath. Slowly, over the years, they can build up their vacation travels with both passport stamps and a fun, exciting way to commemorate their trips! This gift also includes push pins for couples who prefer to leave their scratchable map in tact!

Custom Family Pennant Flag

We love the whimsical and casual look of pennant flags and how they’re taking over home decor; no longer are felt pennants specific for sports enthusiasts anymore. We’ve seen custom pennant flags for cities and neighborhoods, bars and breweries, and now your living room can feature your very own flag! Whether you’d like to keep up the competitive spirit with your own “Team Family Name” or get creative with your customization, we love this simple but cute extra addition to any room!

Custom Kansas Return Stamp

What better way to celebrate your newly engaged or married friends by making their Thank You Card lives SO MUCH EASIER? Not only does a customized stamp come in handy for the massive amounts of handwritten thank yous your friends’ will inevitably write, but this stamp is FREAKING CUTE. We love anything that celebrates our Midwest vibe and these custom stamps are a perfect combination for your heartland-loving friends!

Have any other great gift ideas? Leave us a comment with some of your favorite gifts and check back – you might be featured!


Fun Wedding Food Ideas for Your Event

November 5, 2018

Besides seeing loved ones marry their partner, the best part of any wedding is most definitely the food and drink. A great guest experience can be cultivated by really focusing on the unique and extraordinary. Say “buh-bye” to the standard wedding buffet and boring bartender and instead have your guest create unforgettable memories on your special day by including fun twists on food and drink!

Here’s a list of some of our favorite (and funnest) food and drink experiences you can incorporate:

A pretzel bar with all the dippin’s

What better way to say “thanks” to your wedding guests for watching you tie the knots than a fabulous soft pretzel bar? Whether individually wrapped in cute bags or hanging from a pre-made display, soft pretzels are almost universally loved. Combined with fun dips, this gives your guest a perfect finger food with customization available. Whether a late night, after drinks option or simply combined with cocktail hour, we are anxiously waiting to eat ALL the pretzels at any wedding.

Artistically beautiful and masterfully placed charcuterie boards

Everyone loves to say charcuterie, (it’s such a fun word!), but we’re believers that everyone loves a good board spread, too. Standard boards feature meats and cheeses, but intense charcuterie boards are nothing short of a work of art. Combined with edible flowers, honey, berries and fruits, veggies, bread options, and more, charcuterie boards feel luxurious and grand with minimal effort. It allows the food to be edible decor! Large, long tables of open-plated food often feels royal and also allows your guests to snack throughout the night without the need for servers.

Savory shooters

Finger foods are the perfect way to keep your guests well fed and entertained throughout the entire night, but they’re even better with foods in miniature that most wouldn’t expect! Instead of the usual hors d oeuvres or small desserts, we love the idea of taking savory foods and making them into a fun and playful addition! Grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters are perfect example for a chilly winter or fall wedding.

S’mores buffet smorgasbord

While the idea of s’mores at a wedding isn’t super new, that doesn’t mean we don’t love the idea. I mean, who isn’t a fan of chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows toasted to perfection? Recently, we’ve seen more and more couples decide against the pre-wrapped s’mores favors and instead have their own s’mores buffet! It’s an interactive source of food for your guests, but also super nostalgic. Any wedding could benefit from more s’mores, we’re simply waiting for the coziest wedding photos featuring a cute couple spinning marshmallows over the fire!

Pickle bars satisfy every craving

We know, but hang with us for a second – pickle bars have been popping up everywhere in wedding world and we are HERE FOR IT. A combination of the ultimate bar food wit an upscale appetizer, pickle bars allow for a crunchy and salty treat while also having interesting, unique, and delicious pickle combinations that guests definitely have never experienced before. This is also a prime opportunity to utilize local farmers and fresh produce, creating a totally organic guest experience. Plus, every pregnant friend you have will thank you.

Wonderful world full of waffles

We’re big believers in always letting out your inner Leslie Knope – she’s kind of a big deal around DG. So when we began seeing waffle bar options pop up, we knew that Leslie and Ron Swanson would approve. This breakfast-anytime food feature fills up your guests with flavorful food without being overly sweet; having multiple toppings allows for sweet tooths to load up, while guests with more savory palettes could enjoy a more lunch-centered meal. Many waffle bars have added fried chicken, creating an undeniable chicken-and-waffle experience that will leave your friends talking about your wedding for years.

Calling all local food trucks!

We are all about convenience and we’re not sure if there’s REALLY a better idea for your catering than having it be on wheels! What’s easier when it comes to set up and tear down? Having your local food truck cater your wedding event is a great way to get community members involved while also having an engaging and unique experience for your guests. Instead of waiting in a slow moving buffet lines, guests can interact with each other in an outdoor space dedicated to food and fun. The best part is there really is a food truck for everything – want Hawaiian? Barbecue? Tacos? Gyros? Just about every type of cuisine can be found within the food truck realm !