Do I need to make an appointment to try on bridal gowns?

Yes, you do – you must have a consultant to help you try on the gowns. You can book your appointment online or call 316-264-6688.

How long do appointments take?

90 Minutes.

What should I bring with me to my appointment?

Make sure you bring suitable undergarments for trying on dresses. If you don’t have on underwear, you can’t try on gowns. We do provide bustier-style strapless bras in a range of sizes, but if you would be more comfortable in your own, please bring one. Shapewear is not provided. Bring images of gowns you like and any inspiration for your consultant (a Pinterest page is great).

Who should come to my appointment?

We recommend a group of 5 or less. A bridal gown is the most important dress a woman will ever wear – the desire to bring a large group to appointments is understandable, but not always in the bride’s best interest. Please limit your party to a small group of people who will be supportive and focused on the task at hand, which is finding your dream dress! We prefer that children under the age of 12 not attend appointments.

How long before my wedding do I need to purchase my bridal gown?

The typical time to purchase a wedding gown is 8-12 months prior to the wedding. It is also important to keep in mind that bridal gowns do not fit perfectly when they’re ordered, and 6-8 weeks should be allowed for alterations.

Do you do alterations?

We do not do in-store alterations, but we recommend Juliana at QuickStitch (316)630-0074.

Can my bridesmaids try on dresses during my bridal appointment?

No. We want the focus of the bridal appointment to be on the bride and that doesn’t tend to happen when we try to combine bridal and bridesmaid appointments. Additionally, most bridal appointments do take 90 minutes, and bridesmaid appointments take 90 additional minutes. The best bet is to book a separate bridesmaid appointment.

Do you rent dresses?

No, we do not rent prom or bridal gowns.

What sizes do you have dresses in? Do you carry plus-sized bridal gowns?

We have a wide range of sample sizes – typically, bridal samples will be bridal sizes 8, 10, 12 or 14, though we do have larger or smaller sample sizes in certain dresses. We do carry plus sized gowns – we have 16W-26W in store, though dresses can be ordered up to 32W.

Why do you only have one size of each dress?

The sample size and color of dresses we have in store are selected by our management team. We pick our samples individually and with great care. Even if our sample size is too big or small for you, we can usually make it fit using clamps. When a bride buys a dress, we can order in the correct size. See more about Plus Size Brides here.

Why do the sizes run so small?

Bridal size charts are usually old. Some have shifted to modern sizing, and we are generally bigger people than we were 50 years ago. Some designers keep their original size charts which means while your jeans may be one size, your bridal gown may be two sizes larger. Don’t fret – no one knows this but you!

How do I know my size?

Sizes depend on the size chart created by the designer. Each designer’s chart is different. When a bride is ready to purchase, her consultant will take her measurements, compare them to the size chart provided by that designer, and determine her size. If you need to be sized for a dress that you are not purchasing from Dress Gallery, there is a $15 fee.

Do the dresses come in different colors?

Yes – with some exceptions. Bridal designers often send their most unique color for bridal gowns, but most gowns we carry are available ivory and white. Some come in blush, gold, or even black. Bridesmaid dress samples usually come in one color, but multiple colors are available and are shown in swatch cards provided by the designers.

What are your sales policies?

We want your experience at Dress Gallery to be nothing short of incredible. Please take the time to read and understand our Sales Policies, and be sure to ask us if you have questions. Please note, all sales are final.
View our general Sales Policy.

  1. All sales are final. No returns, refunds or exchanges on any merchandise. All deposits are non-refundable and cannot be used toward any other purchase.
  2. Special orders may take up to six months to arrive. We will provide an approximate arrival date for you. Dress Gallery does not assume responsibility for merchandise delays on any orders. Rush orders usually require higher shipping and handling fees.
  3. Prior to the order being placed in the event of a bridesmaid cancellation, there will be a $40 cancellation fee on each dress.
  4. A 30% deposit is required to put any item on layaway. A 50% deposit is required for layaway purchases under $100. The remaining balance is due within 60 days of purchase. A 60% deposit is required on special order items.
  5. Items of similar colors must be ordered at the same time to ensure color continuity. Merchandise not paid in full or claimed within 60 days of notification of arrival will be returned to the sales floor and no reimbursement will be given.
  6. When ordering a dress, we will measure you and recommend a size. Due to designer size charts, we cannot order a size that will fit perfectly and alterations may be needed to complete the fit.
  7. Dress Gallery will not take responsibility for sizes of special order gowns in which the person ordering said garment is not present.
  8. Alteration costs are not included in the prices of dresses. Dress Gallery is not responsible for fit and does not do alterations.
Bridal appointments are necessary so call 316-264-6688 to reserve your spot now!