What are ship times and fees currently on items?

December 20, 2021

International shipping logistics and supply chain issues have definitely affected shipping times, shipping fees, and lead times on bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, and menswear. We do our best to work with all of our designers to ensure accurate ship times and navigating the tumultuous changes in the supply chain. Every designer ships at a different rates, but the average turnaround time on bridal gowns is almost 20 weeks. Most of our designers have implemented shipping surcharges for bridal gowns, so we have implemented a standard $49.99 shipping fee for all bridal gowns. This covers the additional shipping increases and additional fees passed down from the designer.

At this time, bridesmaids dresses are shipping around 16 weeks. Currently, we do not have additional shipping fees or surcharges for bridesmaids.

Rush fees are separate charges from shipping fees. Rush fees are additional charges paid to the designer to make items at a faster production rate while shipping fees are specific to the supply chain getting the dress to us.