We’re here to help!

At Dress Gallery, we pride ourselves on having a diverse group of highly trained consultants who are prepared to help any bride with all of her wedding needs. From the bridal gown to bridesmaids to tuxes, each consultant is passionate about the industry and ready to turn a bride’s vision into reality!


April is the founder, owner, CEO, HBIC of Dress Gallery. She opened the store in December 2008 with a whole lot of determination (and mother’s dresses. She had a lot of those.) With over a decade of bridal experience underneath her belt, April is our fearless leader when it comes to guiding our brides through Wedding Country. She’s an experienced seamstress, a veteran bridal consultant, a formalwear buying specialist, and even more. On any given Saturday, you can see April bouncing between bridal and formal wear, answering all questions and making brides’ dreams come true. April is an avid fitness lover, particularly running; she just finished her first half marathon last 2019. We affectionately call her the “Mother Goose” of Dress Gallery even though she is afraid of geese (and most other animals.) She likes to drink sweet wine and travel! As a Taiwanese native, she visits home often and loves experiencing new cultures. Her ultimate dream is to take a cruise to circumnavigate the globe with her husband, Jason, the resident DG handyman. April is usually busy helping everyone else, but on the lucky occasion a bride gets her as a consultant, they’re in the very best of hands.


Jillian is your bridal spiritualist adviser. When you walk into her private bridal suite, you are invited to a zen space, ready to have an experience and not just a shopping appointment. Jillian has been in bridal since 2007 and her heart beats for fashion. She’s our resident vintage lovin’, crystal carrying, Stevie Nicks-vibin’ fashionista. Whenever you see Jillian, she’ll be wearing something you’ve never seen before and she probably bought it off Poshmark. Jillian is beloved by her brides, as they truly treasure her ability to guide her girls to finding their perfect dress and having the confidence to say “yes.” She’s our sales manager, making her one of the go-to girls at Dress Gallery. She’s behind the Dress Gallery Instagram, Facebook, and most digital marketing/branding. She’s been instrumental in helping DG grow from a bridal boutique to a behemoth in our local community. When she’s not at Dress Gallery, you can normally find her at the zoo with her family – she seriously loves the zoo. Whether you need a stylist or spiritual BFF, Jillian is your girl.

To see Jillian’s nerdy Game of Thrones-inspired bridal video, click here.



Courtney is your biggest hype woman/built-in best friend. As our Senior Stylist, Courtney has spent over a decade styling, transitioning to bridal four years ago. Most likely to have brightly colored hair and a new tattoo, Courtney is all about bucking tradition. She loves working with brides who are seeking unique outfits, alternative ceremonies, and customizing their day to their particular tastes. She’s headstrong and determined to find each of her couples the perfect wedding day look; Courtney is relentless in her search for your perfect gown. She’s most likely going to quote RuPaul’s Drag Race at you (“YOU BETTA WERK, QUEEN!”) and will be the first to celebrate you when you find “The One.” Her bridal suite is normally the one hosting the loudest dance party and making her brides feel like instant BFFs is her specialty. She recently became a #dgbride herself, choosing a Maggie Sottero gown to wear during her Oct 2019 wedding – so, really, she gets it. She’s ready to help you find your perfect dress, just like the DG girls helped her find hers!


Allison is the ultimate girls-girl. She’s been a member of the Dress Gallery family since January 2018 in a few different capacities, but we’re happy to have snagged her as a full time Bridal Consultant Lead. She has worked the front desk for us during Prom season, which means she is ready to hit the ground RUNNING; she’s already been with us at our craziest! Allison has been in bridal for over 5 years now, getting different skill sets underneath her belt that she’s anxiously awaiting to test out on Dress Gallery brides. She recently married the love of her life, Jeff, and YA KNOW our girl was a #dgbride, wearing one of our last Hayley Paige gowns! She is also our resident whiskey drinker and is probably the only girl on staff that could tell ya the difference between bourbon and whiskey. (The rest of us have no idea, let’s be honest.) Her recent obsessions include true crime documentaries and finding their newest four-legged friend! She also recently completed her MBA at Newman University, so she’s got beauty AND brains. We’re all living vicariously through her right now, as she is expecting her first child in July 2021 and we cannot wait to meet our newest LITERAL #dgbabe. (You are so loved already, Hudson!!!) Request your appointment with Allison and get ready to fall heels over head!


Babe started from the bottom, now she here!!! Let us introduce you to Alexis, one of our longest running #dgbabes. Alexis is our pinch hitter – for those who don’t love baseball, that’s the term for a player who comes in a pinch to make a big play. For us, that’s Lex. Alexis does a little bit of everything, but she’s our newest full time Bridal Consultant. Alexis is a natural at coordinating outfits and, as a Miss Kansas Pageant veteran, she’s the perfect person to help you pick formal gowns for all your occasions. Plus, she’s been in your exact shoes. Alexis was a #dgbride in August 2020, marrying her soulmate Jarrett despite all the crazy of the world (and in a beautiful Essense gown no less!) When she’s not at work, you can probably find Alexis curled up with a book, singing show tunes, coaching Little League, or recording TikToks (ya girl has over 2 million followers!) Ready to fall in love with Alexis?! Request her at your next appointment!


Time to introduce our newest #dgbabe, Maria, to the fam! Maria is literally our go-to girl for, well, almost anything. We hired her because her personality and enthusiasm were infectious; then, when she arrived, we realized she was good at everything. She’s our Formalwear Stylist – menswear, bridesmaids, prom, and more have all become her expertise. She’s the breath of fresh air we were looking for; her upbeat attitude makes all appointments fun events and she is not afraid to break out the dance moves to get everyone grooving! She has a background in high end jewelry, which transitions perfectly into bridal knowledge. Plus, she’s our go-to when it comes to the social media pulse of our industry; Maria is a great at watching trends, brands, and designs to forecast what’s coming next. Recently, she spent a semester in Italy and became obsessed with all things coffee. (Which means she’s already part of the family, let’s be honest.) She was a competitive dancer for over half of her life, recently relocated to Wichita to study Business Management at WSU, and is currently binging with RuPaul’s Drag Race. When she’s not cuddled up with her cute beau, she loves thrifting, hanging out with friends + family, and learning all about her new city! Welcome Maria to the ICT by requesting her for your formal needs!

Bridal appointments are necessary so call 316-264-6688 to reserve your spot now!