We’re here to help!

At Dress Gallery, we pride ourselves on having a diverse group of highly trained consultants who are prepared to help any bride with all of her wedding needs. From the bridal gown to bridesmaids to tuxes, each consultant is passionate about the industry and ready to turn a bride’s vision into reality!


April is the founder, owner, CEO, all around woman-in-charge of Dress Gallery. She opened the store in December 2008 with a whole lot of determination (and mother’s wear dresses. She had a lot of those.) With over a decade of bridal experience underneath her belt, April is our fearless leader when it comes to guiding our brides through Bride Country. She’s an experienced seamstress, a veteran bridal consultant, a formalwear buying specialist, and even more. On any given Saturday, you can see April bouncing between bridal and formal wear, answering all questions and making brides’ dreams come true. April is an avid fitness lover, particularly running; she just finished her first half marathon this part year in 2018. We affectionately call her the “Mother Goose” of Dress Gallery. She likes to drink and travel. As a Taiwanese native, she visit home often and loves experiencing new cultures. Her ultimate dream is to take a cruise to circumnavigate the globe with her husband, Jason, the resident DG handyman. (Thanks Jason!) April is usually busy helping everyone else, but on the lucky occasion a bride gets her as a consultant, they’re in the very best of hands.


Jillian is your bridal spiritualist adviser. When you walk into her private bridal suite, you are invited to a zen space, ready to have an experience and not just a shopping appointment. Jillian has been in bridal since 2007 and her heart beats for fashion. She’s our resident vintage lovin’, crystal carrying, Stevie Nicks-vibe fashionista. Whenever you see Jillian, she’ll be wearing something you’ve never seen before and she probably bought it off Poshmark. Jillian is beloved by her brides, as they truly treasure her ability to guide her girls to finding their perfect dress and having the confidence to say “yes.” She’s our sales manager, making her one of the go-to girls at Dress Gallery. She’s behind the Dress Gallery Instagram, Facebook, and most digital marketing/branding. She’s been instrumental in helping DG grow from a bridal boutique to a behemoth in our local community. When she’s not at Dress Gallery, you can normally find her at the zoo with her family – she seriously loves the zoo. Whether you need a stylist or spiritual BFF, Jillian is your girl.

To see Jillian’s nerdy Game of Thrones-inspired bridal video, click here.



Katie is a bridal innovator in every sense of the word. Not only is Katie a fabulous consultant, but she’s also Dress Gallery’s secret weapon when it comes to customization. Katie is the one we go to when we have questions about how to take dresses apart, put them back together, and create a custom look for each bride. She can make custom veils to match your dress; she can redesign your mother’s or grandma’s gown into a modern accessory; she can pretty much take your vision and turn it into reality through her business, Heirloom Couture Bridal. Maybe it’s her Apparel Marketing and Textile Design degree she received from Kansas State; maybe it’s just because she’s super cool. (Probably both.) She’s spunky, outgoing, and ready to make you laugh hysterically while you’re hanging out with her – because that’s what she makes her appointments feel like, just friends hanging out, finding the perfect gown. She keeps the DG girls in stitches with her jokes and has some serious bangers on her Spotify playlists. She gets to know her brides personally and loves to help them all the way until wedding day. Let Katie make you feel spectacular and make your dreams come true!

Book an appointment with Katie for bridal or bridesmaids.


Kayla is the oil in our machine. We literally wouldn’t be able to run as efficiently and productively as we do if it weren’t for Kayla. Behind the scenes work never gets any of the glamour and Kayla definitely deserves some glamour. She helped transition us into our newest computerized system and helps keep back of house paperwork in order. When she’s not saving all of our lives by keeping track of well, almost everything, Kayla is a DIY master. She’s Disney obsessed and makes the cutest custom Disney ears. With a background in costume design and theater production, Kayla is a perfect person to add to the DG team. She is always around to be tag-teamed in with alteration and customization questions. She’s been styling in bridal for over three years now, making her a veteran in the industry and also a fabulous resource for brides. Her husband, Mark Alan, and her teach a Financial Peace University course and are dedicated to spreading both the Dave Ramsay and Christian Gospel. We’re anxiously awaiting for them to become viral Disney vloggers.



Alex is a formal wear magician. Not only is she our tuxedo guru, but she’s also a specialist in mother’s wear, prom and pageant gowns, and bridesmaids. See? We weren’t kidding. She is the perfect person to depend on when it comes to getting your entire party fitted & suited up for the best night ever. Alex is one of the hardest working people we’ve ever met and she is so dedicated to her groups, particularly making sure the men in your life look their sharpest for their event! She’s our resident “Dance Specialist,” most likely to be busting a move to the Pandora station in the back while in fittings. She’s a coffee aficionado, a mother to two doggos, and an avid board game lover along with her husband, Austin. She’s wrapping up her degree in Art History this semester (yas, Alex, you’re almost done!) at Wichita State and is so excited to check that off her to-do list. Alex is often the inspiration for our fabulous window displays and makes most of our print and digital marketing. Like our ads? That’s all Alex, baby.



Courtney is our specialty retail guru. Most likely to have brightly colored hair and showing off her tattoos, Courtney is all about bucking tradition. She loves working with brides who are seeking unique outfits, alternative ceremonies, and customizing their day to their particular tastes. She’s headstrong and determined to find each of her brides the perfect wedding day look; whether their style is country chic or modern edgy, Courtney loves finding the perfect pieces for all brides. She’s super likely to quote Jurassic Park at you during your consultation because dinosaurs over everything in her world. She recently became a #dgbride herself, choosing a Maggie Sottero gown to wear during her Oct 2019 wedding – so, really, she gets it. She’s ready to help you find your perfect dress, just like the DG girls helped her find hers!


Chelsea is the newest, babe-liest addition to the DG squad. She knows how to turn any bridal appointment into an experience. She is all about finding the perfect dress while giggling and sprinkling Beyonce references throughout. A graduate of Kansas State, she majored in apparel marketing, making her an expert in fashion trends and design. She interned at Bella Bridesmaids in Atlanta, Georgia before we stole her away back to the Heartland. (We’re extra proud of her.) Chelsea is a Kansas City native who loves all KC sports, craft beer, and a really good nap. She is guaranteed to make you AND your entourage laugh, because she definitely keeps all of us laughing behind the scenes. Schedule an appointment with Chelsea and spend your time feeling like Beyonce herself.

Bridal appointments are necessary so call 316-264-6688 to reserve your spot now!