Okay, #dggirls – prom 2021 is gonna be way different than our previous years, so here’s a quick FAQ page to give you the rundown of what to expect & how everything goes!

Do I have to make an appointment or can I walk in?

Room reservations are required for prom shopping. Masks are required for all patrons. No walk in shopping will be available.

What are room reservations?

Due to COVID-19, we are not utilizing all our prom dressing rooms. Room reservations guarantee you a socially-distanced dressing room, along with viewing space for your two guests. Room reservations also allow for us to control the amount of people in the store at one time.

When I booked online, the minimum budget it allowed me to pick was $1,000. That’s more than I’d like to spend on prom!

Girl, we FEEL YOU! All of our prom dresses are under $300. Our online booking system doesn’t allow us to differentiate budgets between types of appointments, so we don’t want to misrepresent our bridal gown prices to brides booking online. Don’t worry – you’ll get a prom gown for a great price, we promise!

Is there a limit to how many dresses I can try on?

No! There is not a limit on the amount of dresses, but room reservations last one hour. If you don’t find your dream dress in that time, we’ll be happy to reschedule you to come back and continue shopping! Here is our latest inventory. https://www.pinterest.com/DressGalleryICT/prom-2021/

How many people can I bring with me to shop?

We are currently inviting two guests with you at a time for a total of 3 people. All guests must be over the age of 10. No children will be allowed in the store with no exceptions.

What are your prom sales policies?

Our biggest change for 2021 is prom dresses are no longer available for layaway or storage, meaning dresses must be paid for in full and taken with you that day. We have competitively priced our prom dresses to help this sales policy change. We apologize for any inconvenience but must remain firm on this policy.

Do you rent prom dresses?

We do not rent prom dresses. If you’re interested in rentals, there are some great places in town we recommend for you!

Do dates receive discounts on their tuxedos?

Yes! Dates of any #dggirls receive 10% off the cost of their tuxedo rentals. We can also comfortably color match to your dress!