September 1, 2015

April is the founder, owner, CEO, HBIC of Dress Gallery. She opened the store in December 2008 with a whole lot of determination (and mother’s dresses. She had a lot of those.) With over a decade of bridal experience underneath her belt, April is our fearless leader when it comes to guiding our brides through Wedding Country. She’s an experienced seamstress, a veteran bridal consultant, a formalwear buying specialist, and even more. On any given Saturday, you can see April bouncing between bridal and formal wear, answering all questions and making brides’ dreams come true. April is an avid fitness lover, particularly running; she just finished her first half marathon last 2019. We affectionately call her the “Mother Goose” of Dress Gallery even though she is afraid of geese (and most other animals.) She likes to drink sweet wine and travel! As a Taiwanese native, she visits home often and loves experiencing new cultures. Her ultimate dream is to take a cruise to circumnavigate the globe with her husband, Jason, the resident DG handyman. April is usually busy helping everyone else, but on the lucky occasion a bride gets her as a consultant, they’re in the very best of hands.