September 2, 2015

Jillian is your bridal spiritualist adviser. When you walk into her private bridal suite, you are invited to a zen space, ready to have an experience and not just a shopping appointment. Jillian has been in bridal since 2007 and her heart beats for fashion. She’s our resident vintage lovin’, crystal carrying, Stevie Nicks-vibin’ fashionista. Whenever you see Jillian, she’ll be wearing something you’ve never seen before and she probably bought it off Poshmark. Jillian is beloved by her brides, as they truly treasure her ability to guide her girls to finding their perfect dress and having the confidence to say “yes.” She’s our sales manager, making her one of the go-to girls at Dress Gallery. She’s behind the Dress Gallery Instagram, Facebook, and most digital marketing/branding. She’s been instrumental in helping DG grow from a bridal boutique to a behemoth in our local community. When she’s not at Dress Gallery, you can normally find her at the zoo with her family – she seriously loves the zoo. Whether you need a stylist or spiritual BFF, Jillian is your girl.

To see Jillian’s nerdy Game of Thrones-inspired bridal video, click here.