June 4, 2021

Time to introduce our newest #dgbabe, Maria, to the fam! Maria is literally our go-to girl for, well, almost anything. We hired her because her personality and enthusiasm were infectious; then, when she arrived, we realized she was good at everything. She’s our Formalwear Stylist – menswear, bridesmaids, prom, and more have all become her expertise. She’s the breath of fresh air we were looking for; her upbeat attitude makes all appointments fun events and she is not afraid to break out the dance moves to get everyone grooving! She has a background in high end jewelry, which transitions perfectly into bridal knowledge. Plus, she’s our go-to when it comes to the social media pulse of our industry; Maria is a great at watching trends, brands, and designs to forecast what’s coming next. Recently, she spent a semester in Italy and became obsessed with all things coffee. (Which means she’s already part of the family, let’s be honest.) She was a competitive dancer for over half of her life, recently relocated to Wichita to study Business Management at WSU, and is currently binging with RuPaul’s Drag Race. When she’s not cuddled up with her cute beau, she loves thrifting, hanging out with friends + family, and learning all about her new city! Welcome Maria to the ICT by requesting her for your formal needs!