It’s your wedding week! It’s officially time! The week of your wedding can be super busy and overwhelming – we totally understand! Our most popular questions during wedding week normally revolve around tuxedos, so we created this quick & easy page to help you navigate your week easily.

1.When will my tuxedos arrive? Tuxedos arrive the week of your wedding, normally Wednesday morning. Occasionally, the tuxes will arrive Thursday morning due to shipping delays. We will send text messages to everyone in the bridal party alerting them their tuxes have arrived.

2. How do you ensure the fit of each tuxedo rental? We ask all bridal party members to try on their tuxedos before 4:30 pm Thursday. This is the cut off time for us to order replacements. Out of town groomsmen who cannot try their tuxedos on before that deadline are still eligible for replacements as long as they let Dress Gallery know in advance. We will happily order multiple items for groomsmen who try their tuxedos on after that deadline.

3. How does the replacement process work? Is it normal to have replacements? Yes! Replacements are to be expected to ensure the best fit for your group. We work hard to make the replacement process as easy as possible. Replacement items are ordered at 4:30 pm Thursday and they are then overnighted to us on Friday morning. Groomsmen who need replacement pieces are able to pick up their tuxedos anytime after we open Friday morning. We do not send out text messages when replacement items arrive. They will arrive before 10 am Friday, we promise. Groomsmen do not need to re-try their tuxedos on Friday if they have already tried their items on earlier in the week.

4. What happens if a length measurement is incorrect? We will do small tailoring & alterations, such as pant hems and jacket sleeve length, free of charge at Dress Gallery. We simply ask for patience as we perform this service for you in house. We want to make sure everyone looks great and that means no high waters!

5. When are tuxedo rentals due back to Dress Gallery? Tuxedos are due back  by 6pm Monday following the event. If your wedding is on a week day, you will have a separate return date that has been specified during your consultation. Bridal party members do not need to be the ones to return the rental – anyone can! As long as all rental pieces have been returned entirely & undamaged, your deposit will be available.

6. What happens if a tuxedo rental is returned late, damaged, or partially returned? Lost and damaged items are the responsibility of the bride & groom to replace. If a rental item is lost/damaged, either the bridal party member will be charged or the amount will be taken out of the security deposit paid by the bride and groom. There are no exceptions. If a rental item is returned late, there is a $22 per day late charge and the deposit is forfeited. That’s how we get your groomsmen to return everything on time! Normal food & beverage stains, buttons missing, etc. are not considered damaged. Items ripped, burned, discolored, torn, dyed, or otherwise damaged beyond reasonable wear will be subject to damage fees.

7. How do we receive our security deposit back? Once every item rented has been returned in good condition, we will send out a text message to you to let you know your cash deposit is available to be picked up anytime. We are happy to put deposits back on a card, but we do not keep card numbers on file, so you will need to call us with that information. We will also release deposits to other family members with pre-approval from you.

8. We received less than our original security deposit. Why is that? If your security deposit is less than the initial amount you paid, it is because part of your rental was returned late, damaged, or not returned at all. Our preferred method of payment for damaged/missing items is to charge the individual, but in instances where we cannot, we will take the damaged/late fees out of the security deposit given.