Yay! It’s your wedding week! Below are several commonly asked questions for you to know this week before your tuxedo rentals arrive. If we did not answer one of your questions please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us!

When can we pick up our rentals?

Rentals arrive the week of the wedding, normally sometime on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, once we’ve inspected the garments for correct color/style/size, we send out text messages to the entire bridal party letting them know they can come try on their rentals.

When do the rentals need returned?

All rentals must be returned to Dress Gallery by 6pm Monday following the wedding. Late items are subject to late fees and forfeiture of the bride & groom’s deposit. Our rental company charges us for late items, so we must pass those fees on. If Dress Gallery is closed Monday, rentals are due back Tuesday by 6pm.

What if my items don’t fit?

With rental items, small fit anomalies are common, so thankfully here at Dress Gallery, we have a full replacement process available and we can do small alterations here in house. If pants or coats needs lengthened/shortened, buttons moved, etc., Dress Gallery will happily fix that free or charge. You can wait while we finish or come back and pick up at your convenience. 

If items need replaced, we order those items by Thursday at 4pm so they are overnighted to us on Friday morning. Therefore we encourage bridal party members to try their tuxes on before Thursday afternoon. If a groomsman can’t make that deadline, we have a system in place to ensure the best fit. 

What if a groomsmen damages an item?

If an item comes back damaged beyond a reasonable repair, it must be paid for. The bride and groom pay a security deposit for this purpose, but we prefer to have the guilty party pay for the item so the entirety of the deposit can go back to the bride and groom.

What are your cancellation policies?

If your wedding gets postponed, no penalties will occur. We will happily transfer your deposit and payments to your new wedding date. If your wedding is cancelled more than 2 weeks prior to the event, the deposit is forfeit and there is a cancellation fee of $40 per package rented. If the wedding is cancelled with less than 2 weeks in advance, there are no refunds. 

When do we get our deposit back? 

As soon as all rentals are returned back to us on Monday we will refund the deposit back onto the original card that was used when the deposit was paid. If you would like us to do a different form of payment please inform us prior to the Monday following the wedding.