Here’s what you need to know:

Arrive on time. We’re often booked solid with appointments, so arriving too early may mean you’ll have to wait. If you arrive late your appointment may need to be rescheduled, or cut short.

No food or drink allowed. This includes your morning coffee! Please get your fix before your come. We do not offer champagne and do not allow alcoholic beverages in the store. It violates Sedgwick County liquor laws. Please plan your celebrations for after your appointment – we can recommend some great places nearby!

Location: mapWe are located at 1005 W. Douglas Avenue. The closest cross-section is Douglas and Seneca. We are located at the western edge of the Delano District. There is only one entrance to the store – the westernmost door facing Douglas. There is parking in front of the store on Douglas Avenue. There is a parking lot behind the building but you must enter through the front door.

Who do I bring?  You can come by yourself, or bring your mom or maid of honor. This is a pretty quick appointment. There’s no need to fill the room unless you want to.

Due to the expensive and delicate nature of our products and the setup of our space, our store is not very kid-friendly. We recommend children under the age of 5 have something to do and be watched diligently.

What exactly will I be doing at this appointment? The seamstress will address fit issues with your dress. She will pin you in anticipation of doing alteration work to your gown. This means you will stand there in your dress while she talks you through her professional opinion of what needs done. Usually alterations include a hem, bustle, and taking a dress in or letting it out.


What do I bring? It is CRUCIAL to have THE shoes you will wear on your wedding day. You also need to bring any shape wear or bras you plan on wearing. If you want to wear a petticoat, you will need to bring that, too.

What happens to my dress after I meet with the seamstress? Juliana has her own business and while she will pin you here, she will do the work in her own shop. She will take your dress to her business at 550 N. Rock Road. Your next fitting will be at Juliana’s shop.

Do I need to pay for alterations right then? Yes. Juliana expects payment in full before any work is started. Your bridal gown must also be paid in full before you start your alteration process. Prices range from $200-$800. It depends on what you need. We cannot provide exact estimates for you.

Juliana at QuickStitch is the best in Wichita for alterations. Our own bridal consultants have used her for their bridal gowns and we would not recommend anyone else. You’re in great hands! Her number is 316-630-0074.

Have any questions or concerns? Email us or call: or 316-264-6688.