Here’s what you need to know:

Please arrive on time. We’re often booked solid with appointments, so arriving too early may mean you’ll have to wait. If you arrive late your appointment may need to be rescheduled or cut short.

All appointments cancelled within 48 hours of original appointment time or missed without notice are subject to a $25 cancellation fee.

No food or drink allowed. This includes your morning coffee or champagne.

Location: mapWe are located at 1005 W. Douglas Avenue. The closest cross-section is Douglas and Seneca. We are located at the western edge of the Delano District. There is only one entrance to the store – the westernmost door facing Douglas. There is parking in front of the store on Douglas Avenue. There is a parking lot behind the building but you must enter through the front door.

Who do I bring?  Your best girls, of course! Our bridesmaids area has four changing areas, so if you have more girls than that, we recommend splitting the group and doing two appointments! We also offer single bridesmaids appointments for any individual girls who can’t attend. We ask that the bride bring no more than one additional party who ISN’T trying on dresses. Please, no children at bridesmaids appointments unless they are in the wedding party and getting measured.

Can I browse before I come? Browsing digitally is the best way to do it! Our bridesmaid dresses are online! On our Pinterest page we have all of our gowns, and the page is updated daily. We do not have every dress from the designers we carry. We have all of our dresses easily accessible for you in the showroom if you want to come by and browse, too. See our gowns here:

What do my bridesmaids need to wear?  Encourage your bridesmaids to wear shapewear if needed and a “real” bra (sports bras are no good for trying on!). In most circumstances, we only have one of each dress. The designers choose the sizes and colors we receive. The sizes range from 8-14.  We do offer plus size bridesmaid dresses in stock, but we also are prepared to help ladies try on dresses that will not fit them and have them look their best.


What will my appointment be like? You’ll be greeted at the front counter, asked to fill out a bridesmaid information card, and be taken to the bridesmaid area. Your consultant will talk to you about your wedding style, colors, and preferences in dresses. Then your consultant will help you go through the dresses and pull some for your gals to try on.

Do you have the dress in the size and color I need in the store?  Maybe, but if we do, we probably only have one dress. The designers send us a run of dresses and we can’t choose colors or sizes. That’s why special orders are usually necessary for bridesmaids.

What do I do with my out-of-town bridesmaids? We handle out-of-town ‘maids all the time. They need to go to a bridal store or tailor and get professionally measured. Then they can submit them on our online form and get sized for the specific dress you have picked out for them. We take payment over the phone, too. Here’s the link to online measurements:

How does payment work for bridesmaids? We require 60% payment to order dresses. If you’re splitting the bill with them, let us know and we can accommodate that. Special order balances are due 60 days after original purchase date via payment plan. We accept cash, credit and debit cards, and checks on deposits only. A card must be on file for all payment plans on remaining balances. All sales are final – no returns, refunds, or exchanges, no exceptions!

What can I expect to spend? Our designer bridesmaid dresses average from $159-$239. If you need to spend less than that, you will have limited options. Anything with beading, sequins, or lace will be on the higher end of the above price points.

What else do I need to know? Bridesmaids take 3-4 months to arrive. There are rush fees that MUST be paid if the shipping date is within 3 weeks of the wedding. We cannot order anything without payment and measurements from every single bridesmaid! If you’re unsure about a dress and just want to get measured to have sizes on file, we charge $15 per person. The $15 will be applied to the dress’s balance once a dress is decided on.

Just FYI… we don’t do alterations here. Any custom work or tailoring will need to be done elsewhere. We recommend Juliana at QuickStitch: (316) 630-0074.

Have any questions or concerns? Email us or call: or 316-264-6688.