Here’s what you need to know:

Please arrive on time. We’re often booked solid with appointments, so arriving too early may mean you’ll have to wait. If you arrive late your appointment may need to be rescheduled, or cut short.

No food or drink allowed. This includes your morning coffee!

Location: mapWe are located at 1005 W. Douglas Avenue. The closest cross-section is Douglas and Seneca. We are located at the western edge of the Delano District. There is only one entrance to the store – the westernmost door facing Douglas. There is parking in front of the store on Douglas Avenue. There is a parking lot behind the building but you must enter through the front door.

Who do I bring?  We prefer the bride and groom are both present at this initial consultation. After the initial consultation, your groomsmen will be able to make individual appointments to come in and get measured.

Currently, we are only inviting guests over the age of ten years old unless they are in the bridal party and here to get measured.

Can I browse before I come? Browsing digitally is the best way to do it! . Our Pinterest page has our tuxedo rental options available to view:


What will my appointment be like? You’ll be greeted at the front counter and seated at our exclusive tuxedo consultation area. Your consultant will talk to you about your wedding style, colors, and preferences in menswear. Then, your consultant will help you go through the options and put together a look for you and your party.

Can my groom try on the styles and colors we’ve picked?  Because we rent our tuxes from an outside vendor, we don’t have every option in the store, but we will always have our most popular styles in store to view. When your men get measured they will try on samples sizes to ensure a proper fit, but those will not be the exact styles you pick out.

What do I do with my out-of-town groomsmen? We handle out-of-town party members all the time. They need to go to a bridal store or tailor close to them and get professionally measured. Then they then can submit those measurements on our online form. We can take payment via phone or online. The link to submit measurements is:

How does payment work for menswear? A security deposit is required for each rental leaving the store. When all items have been returned to the store following your wedding, we will return your security deposit to you. We ask that security deposits be put on credit or debit cards, as we will return the deposit to the card used. Security deposits apply to every person in the party. It is a $20 security deposit per tux for full rentals and $10 per tux for partial packages. Security deposits are required before any measuring will be done.

60% of the full rental price is due upon measurement. If your groomsmen are paying for their rentals individually, they should expect to pay at least 60% when they come in to get measured. The remaining balance is due upon pick up the week of the wedding. They are welcome to pay-in-full if they’d like.

Once we have received 60% payment for all rentals, we will place the order. We do not place orders without a complete group. (Meaning, if one person hasn’t paid, the entire group isn’t ordered. We stay on top of your groomsmen, but you should, too!)

If the bride + groom are paying for the entirety of the menswear rentals, we ask that the 60% minimum be paid at least 60 days prior to your event. Your groomsmen can come and get measured at their convenience, but we will not order until we have received the minimum payment.

We accept cash, credit and debit cards, and checks. We don’t accept checks on final balances. All sales are final – no returns, refunds, or exchanges with no exceptions!

What can I expect to spend? Our menswear rentals start at $99.95 and go up to $229.95. Full rental packages include shoes, jacket, pants, shirt, vest, tie, studs and cufflinks. Dress Gallery brides receive discounts on for their bridal parties – ask your consultant during your appointment!

What else do I need to know? The deadline to order menswear groups is 60 days before the event. Items will arrive in our store the Wednesday or Thursday of the wedding week. We will text every single person in your party when items arrive. If they haven’t received a text, it means your items aren’t here yet! Replacement items are free before 4:30pm on Thursday. Any replacement pieces needed after that time are subject to an overnight shipping charge. Minor alterations (lengths, etc.) can be done in-house.

*If your wedding is on a holiday weekend, exceptions may apply to arrival dates. Please contact the store for more information.

Have any questions or concerns? Email us or call: or 316-264-6688.